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Dear Flintoff,

Mate, you might be too loyal to your English cricket team, but it doesn’t mean that you take IPL as mere agency which transfer money for a little circus you engage for few weeks. No it doesn’t work that way. If you have made yourself available to this lucrative tournament, apart from the hurry to take the money home, there is also something called professional attitude you are expected to show evidence of. Certainly it doesn’t sound great when you say you are in this IPL season to pick clues about preparation techniques and the strengths and weaknesses of opposition in the T20 game and protect your English colleagues in the opposition camp.

After all, you are here in this IPL because you could never see your loyalty to English cricket board fetching even a fraction of what you might stand to get in this season.

As you said, you might need to bowl to your friend Kevin Pietersen in this tournament, and you are professionally expected to exploit his weakness and not bowl to his strengths.

I hope you would go all guns against your IPL’s opposition and set up advantage for your home team.

Yours sincerely,



April 6, 2009 Posted by | Indian Premiere League '09 | 1 Comment