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The iPhone App Store – A tempting market

iPhone App Store

You can’t help but admire the potential of iPhone to unleash a fresh novel market for programmers writing application for App store. At their best, if they could cobble something together and put up a new app that could do a charm in the iPhone, yes, they could see fortune kissing them right on the head.

If there is ever an iPhone hall of fame, Mr. Nicholas’s portrait might hang next to that of Kostas Eleftheriou, a young Greek entrepreneur who lives in London. He and two friends wrote a program in seven days called iSteam, which fogs up the face of an iPhone like a bathroom mirror. They made more than $100,000 in three months.

The market that is up for taking, which actually tempts programming gurus to try their hands on, has already been catching up fast with people all over the world.

Nicholas ran up huge debts, in the recession economy, with finances tied up in every possible ways. That’s when he heard of the guy who made a quarter-million dollars in a hurry by writing a video game called Trism for the iPhone. Nicholas had a thought, sat 6 weeks in a stretch managing his work at Sun Microsystems, while putting everything he could writing an artillery game for iPhone. Result, he created iShoot, sent it for approval to Apple and the very next day it was released into the online App store. Few days gone, it was downloaded more than 2 million times.

Now it is a life changing experience for Nicholas, “That’s when he called his boss and said, ‘We need to talk,’ “And I quit my job.”

There are now more than 25,000 programs, or applications, in the iPhone App Store, many of them written by people like Mr. Nicholas.

As for Mr. Nicholas, he has sprung for a family vacation to Washington, hired a nanny and founded a company called Naughty Bits Software to keep developing iPhone programs (so far he is the only employee). “Oh, and I bought myself a new laptop,” he said. “I figured I deserved that.”


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Low Tech Fixes for the High Tech Problems!

Here are some of the Low Tech Fixes for the High-Tech Problems. Looks like you can get through any failure of any expensive e-devices yourself, if you care to have a refridgerator and a set of basic tools.

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Launching the Cool gadget!

Billions of devices are made till date and to maintain the edge, companies have left no stone unturned.We have a company, whose employees are also vigorously trying to turn one such stone, with a lot of muscle power. Yes, our famous, super cool company known for its innovation, ‘Dapple Inc’. The popular ‘Blueiff’ website has come with a cool headline quoting ‘Wherever you are, run to Dapple Stores immediately’, excited, all ran.

‘Dapple coming up with yet another promo event, introduces (rather gift, such affectionate they are) iNothing to the world’. Of course, it is an ultra light thin, iNothing. Yes, world has at last got iNothing, thanks Dapple. Dapple Chairman proudly unveiled nothing, oops, iNothing and was carefully detailing his presentation slides to the dignitaries.

Our brand new iNothing box consists of nothing; (okay not again), iNothing, a data cable which can only charge the device and surprisingly stronger battery, reason explained later. Our iNothing is as usual, thinner and lighter than our competitor’s products. Though this time, we have made a superior ergonomic iProduct, which is our special case of iNothing. iNothing has a flat smooth surface at the front side, so much so that, neither we bothered to put in buttons spoiling the smoothness, nor we have added the touch controls which surprises users most often, with its own inimical style.

Though, we have to sacrifice on the features front of iNothing, to an awful extent that it has really got nothing inside, but still we have come up with something for its hefty price, that your battery stands for 2 full moons, and to play around with iNothing, you just have to show the rear side to the full moon, which has the Dapple logo glowing in the moonlight, also effectively saving your battery. To sum up, we have an innovative product, coined iNothing which has a battery that could last for 2 full moons, even after that just with a full moon. Show us one competitor who has such an effective battery incorporated?

Now, the news spread out like a fire about the Dapple i-launch and people all over the country has lined up for buying iNothing at Dapple Stores. Our Blueiff journalist, caught hold of an i-fanatic, in the queue who looked he’s straight out of his bathtub to the Dapple stores. We asked, what are you here for? I am here to buy the Dapple product, he said. What product? He said in a low tone, just to let only us know, that he don’t know, but heard that Dapple has come up with yet another iStuff, which he heard is pretty cool. Our journalist was kind enough to let him know that he is about to buy the cool gadget called iNothing, for which he raised his brows ans said thanks! Mate!

Journo asked, do you at least know what iNothing is used for? He answered, ‘iNothing, a freaky name, I am sure it would be used for everything. By the way, after a minute he blinked at him, asking does he have an idea or two on that?, Journo said, Well, as far I gather from reliable sources, I am afraid to let you know it really is used for nothing and is really nothing except for the cool logo. And not to mention its price!

The guy replied, Cool, Not an issue! I like the logo embossed and is actually more important for me to let folks know I have an iProduct. If it’s nothing, don’t worry! Mate! They will really come up with an i3.0 or i3.1 version of iNothing, fixing them all. I am confident! Money, Ha! Never an issue, as long as I have my credit card!

Little did he know, he is going to buy really nothing, but his bank statement will show him something.

P.S: ‘Blueiff’ has ordered its editor to prepare a report describing all the future iProducts and also some captivating headlines. The future iProducts are coming soon!

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