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Been really sometime to have had space to enter the blogzone.Just thought would have a post to say people that I am really alive and kicking as ever. Would start making regular posts in 1-4 weeks time, and between, will now fix myself a drink and watch one of my favorite movie. I always love saturdays and esp. its evening.

Damn, Did I forget to say, I bricked my iPhone and missing the cool companion at the moment!


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The key is to disband and dissolve….

Long way we have come, since the need for civilization felt few millennia ago. Countries rose and fell through it but none as to the discomfiture faced like India. What is even more debasing is people of India’s ignorance on their culture, and its glory, or at the least its sheer presence! Spiritual leaders arose, as and when darkness showed illusory light for Indians, or when their copious mind lead them to think in various ways and what they are really up to by leading this life?

It took an Adi Sankaracharya, to walk the lengths and breadths of this land and explain people about the immensity of the doctrines of this land and the primal history of the holy breath that filled this space for centuries. It took a Raja Raja Chola to reign supreme and protect the piece of land and its sumptuousness from invader’s assault. These residues protected in egg shells all years long by these spiritual and political leaders is what been passed on to us as a glimpse of our past and the responsibility of Protector from more damage.

But it is a recorded history, that time and again people take contentment in plunging to darkness themselves, and then looking out for an extended arm to salvage them from misery. This has been a shameless journey throughout the history of India, but strangely successful in its attempt to remain alive.

After the last few decades, I am afraid to think that the abundance in which these spiritual and political leaders filled this earth helping the people out of misery is gone but history. People are now left in the lurch fighting their own demonic ignorance and living in a deep existential crisis. The tolerance which Indians practiced as a virtue struck them brutally hard, left them in tatter to rediscover their glory for generations to come, and now, presumably looks tough and impossible.

Regional aspirations overran the pan-India sentiments and the political leaders created and exploited it to the maximum. Sect, caste, race, conversion, became assets and the properties, of the leaders. These leaders preached it to people who followed them with blind faith. This, in turn, overwhelmingly separated people from religious and pan-India sentiments. This overcrowd of divisive feelings combined with poverty for lifetime never gave way for serenity and peace in the common man’s mind.

It had been a really long debate since twentieth century in western countries whether the state and the church are effectual to operate as the co-ordinates. But, India, altogether in a different plane of its own, doesn’t face the problem of existing in accord, but even more awful situation where the state is hell bent on demolishing temple and its personality.

Evolution in the last century has been painlessly excruciating for the people of India that, from the stages of seeding to the gigantic growth, the work of annihilation, never showed face in public and is surreptitiously known to carry out underground work. The danger is least known in the external world but for only some handful people among this Himalayan population of India.

Most of the time, Indians are left to support and fight for their annihilators; a strange link in the food chain where prey invites the predator. If this is what the tolerance they read in their spiritual elements, silly, but it is a total misunderstanding of its facts.

In this construed democracy, with the mock elections and bogus leaders, India has grown an old man since the years of stepping into this darkness. India had been left in modernity in the mid of twentieth century, as a conventional and old school country. It had a chance to bring back the system which brought them endless prosperity and wisdom in their past, but we had our thugs called leaders who held in store otherwise. Hooligans perpetuating their clan sold the country to their benefits. With compliance, they are looked upon as paradigm for living and prototype for worshipping by people of India. A meek surrender of people at these thug’s feet is merely symbolical of the ignorance which has grown to gargantuan proportions without even bothering to think a moment.

Few could comprehend more, than allowing foreigners again to rule over this historical land which was for its good part ruined by foreign invasions. But as I had told you, we are happy and more than ready plunging to darkness anytime and enjoying the deceptive light in darkness. It is an irony we carry a pride that one-sixth of the human souls that inhabits this earth is orbiting here, but we could not recognize one leader to show us light or least the direction to light.

Sometimes one is led to the feeling that still we have remnant of slavery left in our veins and that we dutifully not ask questions and bound to live within our self-destructing assumptions. But as in any chemical reaction, a by-product is obliged to be produced, akin, there developed a ray of hope for India. There were intellects who could see through this prism of forged truths and beliefs and, identify the darkness around them and find light at the end. It was their morality to extend that same arm to salvage people of India from their misery. It was the same morality which had uplifted a deluge of people in innumerable cases as in the past.

They did as usual but strange this time, people of India not only refrained to hold on to that arm but trying to pull them too into the same misery and further under them. It was derogatory, and simply wicked to indulge in such heinous acts, but it is darkness everywhere and we cannot blame these people for not seeing through darkness. Insane, you might call, but it has been the order of the day and democracy, for India. This month it has been given a fresh lease of another half-decade. It has been said that Behold the ‘Eternal Law’, but again the same has also said that ‘Dharma is in decline’.

These protectors who extended their arm to people are living in self-denial about the nature of these people in the misery. In my strong perspective, I would say that stop extending arm to these people, dissolve this group of Protector and stand aside. Do not sit in the opposition and scream from the bottom of your throat, as this gives the people a chance to enjoy the supply of these Protectors to use in the worst case, and smack you off now in the current pretext of governance and its governors.

The Protectors should come face to face with people and say, we are satisfied with the current affairs of the governance and the needs are extinct to keep this group of Protector alive and get it dissolved. Lest you think that would be the end of this grandeur India, no, not be mistaken. For once and all, allow the people of India to think and live in this kingdom of iniquity. In such situations, this realm by its nature is bound to show its true character in spite of burying all truth and reality. People of India would then crave and long. They will quest for a savior, leader, and prophet. Then alone could the jury see the value of these Protectors and what they have in store to offer!

Only if people of India assess the tenets of its age old practices, it would come in concord with the group of Protector. For that, people of India should now be allowed to operate in their own self-destruction mode. I say this to not show the resentment of their ignorance, but for all intents and purposes, allowing them a free will. As that free will alone would allow them wander into every corner of their comfort zone and then go weary. After growing weary, they would be left with questions.

Questions alone would lead them to the Truth and in turn to the Protectors who currently preach the Truth.

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Yashwant Sinha – Indian General Elections 2009

Oh! What an interview! One of the best I have read in the last few weeks, check this out!  Yashwant Sinha at his best here.

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To Vote – The Choice is Ours | Indian General Elections 2009

Since twentieth century, the imperialism lost its firm hold and started to give way for transition, leaving the colonial countries at their own freedom.  With the advent of Industrial Revolution, countries across the world became largely conscious on their efforts of nation building. United States, with its capitalistic model, had adopted the best of strategies and became the leader of the pack. Nation like South Korea, despite its continued tensions with North Korea, had supreme plans for its economy and infrastructure. It is now a developed economy and still the fastest growing. Japan, despite receiving the nuclear bombs on its face, worked in unison to build its nation to show the world, how to create a Japanese model of building a nation.

Many European countries moved forward, even the smaller countries started sensing the opportunity and tapped their best of potentials. India, at the same time, was agonized by the colonialism which led to people uniting to fight for their liberation. In result, 540+ princely states were united to form a grand India, glorifying the freedom attained.

India had a chance to build a nation from the scratch. India had a chance to build a nation from its 10,000-plus year old glorious civilization. India had a chance to implement the India, which stood before its continued invasion for centuries, holding at that time one-third of the world’s GDP. India had a chance, to build an India which was swept through the accolades and praises from every observer of her, in the past.

Instead, we chose the dreadful path. We mixed the system of law and governance, the model of economy and a host of others devised by various countries which suited them best. It suited their culture, it suited their people, it suited their needs, and it suited their shortcomings. Is the adoption, a result of India’s thought, that it is a land of empty, or perhaps they need to build even people from the scratch? Result, we have the chaos in front of us, which keeps hitting us on the face even if we choose to move away from it.

When the system is framed, it never took various ethnic people of India into account, their varied caste, religion, language, local interests, beliefs, comfort etc. MK Gandhi called for the dismantling of congress, as he said this party was adopted because it helped in the process of gaining independence, but now, as we have attained it, the requirements of ours is really not going to be catered by this Congress. As Congress tout, MK Gandhi as their favorite, one and only Baapu, did they listen to him in this context?

The congress committee unanimously voted for Sardar Vallabhai Patel as the first Prime Minister of India. But, MK Gandhi chose Nehru instead. Patel became Home Minister. Patel, with his steely grit, made every princely state accede for a single entity, called an imposing India. Jammu & Kashmir accession was a blunder with India failing to hit back the advancing troops of Pakistan into Kashmir. Vallabhai Patel and Menon waited for the orders from PM Jawaharlal Nehru, which surprisingly never came. Nehru again failed to save the strategic Kashmir, instead took the issue to United Nation’s court, going by Mountbatten’s word. But after taking to UN, English sided with Pakistan making it an agony for India. Result, India created a permanent wound on its head of her own efforts, which bleeds until now. It would only continue.

Nehru successfully messed the border issue, which is in every might important for India. After all, a safe and secure ally would be of strategic interest to any nation. After having messed with the security and border, he imposed his own fascination on India, bothering least on India’s needs. Needs, which are in multitude of factors. One such foremost and glaring disaster of his toy-with-India attitude is his fascination towards Soviet Union. As is the case, if he likes something and is approved by none other than himself, the country has to like it too. His fascination towards Soviet’s socialistic model had been the destiny of India in various aspects.

Let’s study a close comparison between India and its rival neighbor China. China by no means lesser to India, in terms of facing destruction before finding its feet. Japan ravaged China in the Second World War. It had its own insurgency and internal problems in the same time when India was also in the planning stage.

China, of course, is a communist country. China, of course, bore the brunt of being communist. Still, it is only China, as the years progressed, understood the real need of the nation and promoted investment of foreign funds and development of private sectors. The trade was freed up and government interventions were vastly reduced. Special Economic Zones are created as a mini no-socialism-allowed-inside zone and the development thrived. It reorganized itself as a mixed model, with communism for the governance (with its top-down approach), and the capitalistic model for building its economy. Since last 25 years, china’s growth rate is double digit and has vastly improved its physical, social and IT infrastructure. China’s success owed to its consciousness on nation building.

Flip the coin here, Nehru adopted Socialism in India. By end of 1950’s, most of the enterprises, industries, banks and every dozen others were nationalized. He introduced central planning economy with 5-year plans. His state controls and regulations impaired productivity, quality and profitability. It failed to deliver growth for common people.  India got struck to the growth rate of 2-3 percent consistently for decades up till 1990. The standards of living of destitute people never improved.

Corruption ran amok in this economic model and something of the order of anti-vigilance was never ever set-up in India to control it. Bureaucrats grew stronger demanding bribes and complacent to work fair. As the infra-structure was also nationalized, the growth in infrastructure in the successive decades is better not explained.

Even, after his loving model failed to show results for decades, he continued with his abysmal economic policies turning a blind eye to the Everest growth of the capitalistic economies around the world. His blunder never stopped with these, his policies for appeasement of specific religion, caste etc. has only succeeded in people growing divisive. Later, his daughter succeeded the throne, as the nation is always considered theirs, and went even a step stronger in creating more ties with Soviet Union. Even she failed to take a retrospective approach and encouraged her father’s ineffectual policies. The trades were largely improved with Soviet Union, and the imports were huge. This all happened with a continuous 30-year unchallenged rule, similar to the stability of an autocrat, dubious that people failed to change it.

And, when they tried to change it, Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency on India when she lost Allahabad court verdict that debarred her from parliament for six years. Media was scoffed, leaders were arrested, and the hands of the people were tied. But, that did not stop people from voting her out of throne when at last emergency gave way to democracy after 2 years. Again, in the next 2 years, people got her back, such are our surprising citizens of India, and you would always fail to judge their pulse right.

Then, came group of Gandhi’s namely Sanjay, Rajeev, Sonia, and not to mention the dozen other Gandhi’s in waiting, to tightly hold on to the kingdom created by their family legacy. The dire needs of reforms are largely ignored, and whatever reforms happened till date is also reactive instead of any pro-active measures. Until now, we had the Gandhi & Co pampering with India, through its tight hold on a Private Limited Company called Indian National Congress Pvt Ltd. What baffles me really in the past few days is the latest statistics which say, new set of 55 million people added to the ‘Below Poverty Line (BPL)’ in the last 5 Years. In my view, this is a colossal failure of the government which rules us for 50+ years.

A nation’s importance always stresses on basics remaining strong. In my view, Strong security, talented workforce, surge in employment, controlling prices, a world class infrastructure, state-of-the-art medication and alleviating poverty should be the pillars of a prosperous country. And, Congress has never given any thought to it, let alone building it.

Hence, there arises a genuine, desperate and emotional call for a new party and new government for development of India. The only party to have stayed for a full term apart from congress is BJP. During its tenure, it pushed for reforms, extensively in telecom, created a new ministry called ‘Ministry of Disinvestment’ to review and sell off the failing or failed PSUs, did test nukes and empowered our defense and security, especially safer with hostile neighbors like ours. BJP started the ambitious Golden Quadrilateral Infrastructure project which had a grand vision to connect India by world class roads and surprisingly for the first time in India, the announcement of plans is followed up with actions. The work progressed with amazing speed, that they laid 33000+ km of roads in their tenure. It is good that BJP understood the business and employment would pour only in cities which have a world class infrastructure and their planned approach towards this goal was well received among the people. To beef up the internal security, tough laws were framed namely ‘Prevention of Terrorism Act; and many failed to notice that, apart from terror strikes in their early part of the regime it was almost non-existent in their second half of rule, where the tough anti-terror laws showed fruit. And, all this achievements was done in just a single term of rule.

Everything, what I mentioned in the above paragraph was halted or reverted, including the NHDP for highways development with abysmal progress in the last 5 years, where Congress government in existence.

The age old notion among public of India that there is no alternative to Congress, had been brutally dealt with and been crushed under the roller. Certainly, it should make every Indian proud.

I sincerely, feel the power to BJP for an extended period, alone would fuel the growth of economy of India and would help us achieve inclusive growth for every citizen; BJP would make us forget the dreadful vision and failures of the past, and show the path for progress in the future, which had already started showing up in the BJP governed states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc. Hence, a chance in the parliament would only be helpful for BJP to extend that development all over the nation.

But, the choice is ours.

We think that none of the electoral candidate deserves to win our vote (of confidence). We also confirm that even if cast, a single vote of ours isn’t going to be decisive in the formation of government. We can wait for the utopian world that would fall closer to our reach, where the governors of people would offer perfect solutions catering to our perfect needs.

The wait is, presumably, endless. The solution, painfully, is non-existent. There would come none to raise the curtains of perplexing governance of this disordered India, giving us a glimpse of the idealism par excellence, if there really exists even one in the reality.

Your vote carries millions of meaning, and just don’t abstain from voting, the high polling percent in elections would only make government, politicians and bureaucrats to think of the growing number of people participation in nation’s cause and would push them hard to cater to every voter’s needs. The poor polling of the past has made the governments to discard the non-voters and appease the voters alone. Please, go out and vote, by doing which you get the satisfaction of having a say in your Indian Politics. That would go a long way, in caring for your concerns.

Vote BJP! Vote for the much needed change!

Again, the choice is ours.

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Navin Chawla – The Congress Election Commie!

Congress have started reaping benefits for their far-sighted thinking. They have finally managed to keep a check on fair Elections in India with their staunch supporter Navin Chawla promoted to the top post today. (Links here) And, we have many of the innumerable duties in queue which he is expected to perform for congress with utmost sanctity from now onwards.

Yesterday, the rehearsal itself went fine for Navin Chawla. He turned down a plea (2-1 in his favor) to appoint an enquiry for the case of disqualifying Sonia as MP after she accepted the Belgian award in 2006.(Links here)

A CEC says Yes, and the other two who work under him says no! And we know what’s next? Now, it is forwarded to the President of India’s table for decision. An appointment which again shows the far-sighted thinking of Congress. Now, we can all safely forget this plea.

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Google, Yahoo offers coverage for India General Elections 2009


Google and Yahoo, is aware of the statistics that 25 million of 45 million internet users in India are of voting age and are actively looking online for information on the elections and other related news.Yahoo has come up with a dedicated micro-site called which offers election news coverage, schedules, online polls and discussion forums.

Google has launched its version in both English and Hindi. Hindustan Times partners with Google in this initiative to organize the content.

Google are more detailed in their news, offering you a wide range of information on any constituency you click to know about. The information include number and types of votes, the candidate of each party for current and last election, the attendance percent of your MP in Parliament and the number of questions he raised in Parliament, if he evens owns a PAN card and much more to your interest.

It is heartening to note that the portals are coming up with these efforts to help and organize the content for the voters to decide. This should definitely keep us more informed about your candidates and the parties.

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PM says Mumbai will turn a global city


Manmohan Singh, for much of the hype to his stature, is no wonder slowly learning the art of politics as a toddler. I came across this piece in Rediff, MMS saying “We have invested in creating world-class public transport in Mumbai.”We want to build world-class infrastructure to make Mumbai a truly world-class city” in the wake of election ’09 campaign.

He added further, “We will build Mumbai into a truly global city. It is at that dream that the terrorists struck (but) they will never succeed but Mumbai will,” Noting that those living in Mumbai are concerned about the quality of urban life, Singh said, “Our government has launched the Urban Renewable Mission with a special focus on improving the quality of life of those who live in slums.”

PM says they have high hopes of building a truly global city out of Mumbai if they are voted to power, but they said the same, to be specific, said the same in his 2004 election speech for much applause. “When we talk of a resurgent Asia, people think of the great changes that have come about in Shanghai. I share the aspiration to transform Mumbai in the next five years in such a manner that people would forget about Shanghai and Mumbai will become a talking point,” the prime minister said in 2005. Links to his speech here (the entire article itself is worth a read)

Prime Minister, has definitely kept his words, when he said “People would forget Shanghai and Mumbai will become a (s)talking point”. Especially with dozens of events like 26/11 and other massacres. You have to read between the lines to understand a supreme intellect like our PM. Between, Did I miss a point?

Has Mumbai now changed into Shanghai?

Tell me if you know!

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Akamai’s Rankings of Internet Broadband Speeds and Penetration

Uhmm, I stumbled upon this piece in Rediff about the top internet speeds across the world. The list crowns South Korea as the leader of the pack with the average connection speed of 15Mbps. Bro, it is 15 Mbps, arghhh! How dumb I am all along, I never thought the connections existed beyond top speed of 5Mbps in any part of the world. But, here not even the top speed, but it is the average speed that South Korean government is dishing out to its citizens. Oh my God! A HD movie which could be downloaded in say 10 minutes, a torrent worth a huge video file in 15 minutes, a HD webcam transmitting without having to pause for ages and I can dream on for tons of possibilities. Bull crap, we might think, but in fact it is accessible just somewhere in this part of the globe. And the countries which are proud leaders in this segment are taking initiatives to bring even higher speed connectivity, including Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). Also, mind you, the average connection speed of the globe is 1.5 Mbps.

South Korea is also ranked first in terms of higher broadband connectivity with its majority of the subscribers (69%) getting at least minimum speed above 5Mbps. But, it is understandable the success of the broadband penetration given the relatively smaller and highly denser population of South Korea.

Who else? Japan ranks second with 54% connections above 7 Mbps, Hong Kong at third with almost similar average speed of Japan, Romania fourth with 5.7 Mbps joining closely with them is Sweden at fifth position, followed by Swiss over speed of 5 Mbps, but only leading the seventh seeded Netherlands marginally. Belgium, Slovakia and Norway occupy the last three spots with an average of 4.5 Mbps.

Oops! No wonder that girls of Romania and Slovakia are regulars on webcam sites. You can’t help but admire the great benefits of such high speeds.


I could largely see a pattern associated in this graph, which is all the nations at the top are relatively smaller in size and population. Though, that cannot be the reason for incompetency of other 203 countries in the list barring few hopeless countries we at least have 100 countries still left with .

Expectedly, India comes almost last in that 100 country with Rediff quoting that we are dismal with the average Internet connection speed of 772 Kbps. Excuse me; 772 Kbps? Average speed in India? I beg to differ with this stat, when I last heard the Internet Penetration in India hovers somewhere around 2.5% of the entire population. i.e the number of users stand somewhere around 30 million. It’s also a fact, according to the India Online 2007, that only 37% of the users come from top 10 cities. Hence, a staggering 63% of the available users are from rural households. This is contrary to my belief that 90% of the subscribers come from top cities.

Let’s first have a look at these urban Internet users. If we agree, the speeds such as 2 Mbps or more is largely consumed by the corporations and enterprises with majority of the individual users having either 256 Kbps or 512 Kbps keeping in mind the price to utilization ratio. If we consider the rural areas, they don’t even have the options of 1 or 2 Mbps connection available for them. Already the urban’s average falls between 256-512 kbps, put rural majority also into the mix, which would bring that average connection speed miserably further down even, roughly leaving us around the figure of 300-350 Kbps as an average net connection speed. Keep in mind the another horrible fact that of the 30 million subscribers said above only 2.5 million use Broadband or superior connections, which even brings my figure to its nadir somewhere around 60-80 Kbps. Refer here to the TRAI’s 2007 telecom report. I think the average Internet Speed of 772 Kbps (half of the global average Internet speed) is a far cry for us, with our hopes still rooted to the ground.

Oof! Ironically, did you know that Congress Government declared 2007 to be the “Year of Broadband”? This is one among their innumerable promises and their constant stressing on how they are pro-reform and pro-development striving government. May be they thought that India would be much better off without people having instant access to the information they seek.

At its best, India managed to inch ahead of Nigeria in Broadband penetration.

Forget about the Broadband, India stands nowhere as far as even the Internet is concerned. But that’s another story reserved for another day.

P.S: Between I checked my Broadband speed and I am jubilant enough that I get 14 Kbps more than my subscribed speed and it stands beamingly at 270 Kbps. Check for yourselves below.


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While at it….

Dear Flintoff,

Mate, you might be too loyal to your English cricket team, but it doesn’t mean that you take IPL as mere agency which transfer money for a little circus you engage for few weeks. No it doesn’t work that way. If you have made yourself available to this lucrative tournament, apart from the hurry to take the money home, there is also something called professional attitude you are expected to show evidence of. Certainly it doesn’t sound great when you say you are in this IPL season to pick clues about preparation techniques and the strengths and weaknesses of opposition in the T20 game and protect your English colleagues in the opposition camp.

After all, you are here in this IPL because you could never see your loyalty to English cricket board fetching even a fraction of what you might stand to get in this season.

As you said, you might need to bowl to your friend Kevin Pietersen in this tournament, and you are professionally expected to exploit his weakness and not bowl to his strengths.

I hope you would go all guns against your IPL’s opposition and set up advantage for your home team.

Yours sincerely,


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The iPhone App Store – A tempting market

iPhone App Store

You can’t help but admire the potential of iPhone to unleash a fresh novel market for programmers writing application for App store. At their best, if they could cobble something together and put up a new app that could do a charm in the iPhone, yes, they could see fortune kissing them right on the head.

If there is ever an iPhone hall of fame, Mr. Nicholas’s portrait might hang next to that of Kostas Eleftheriou, a young Greek entrepreneur who lives in London. He and two friends wrote a program in seven days called iSteam, which fogs up the face of an iPhone like a bathroom mirror. They made more than $100,000 in three months.

The market that is up for taking, which actually tempts programming gurus to try their hands on, has already been catching up fast with people all over the world.

Nicholas ran up huge debts, in the recession economy, with finances tied up in every possible ways. That’s when he heard of the guy who made a quarter-million dollars in a hurry by writing a video game called Trism for the iPhone. Nicholas had a thought, sat 6 weeks in a stretch managing his work at Sun Microsystems, while putting everything he could writing an artillery game for iPhone. Result, he created iShoot, sent it for approval to Apple and the very next day it was released into the online App store. Few days gone, it was downloaded more than 2 million times.

Now it is a life changing experience for Nicholas, “That’s when he called his boss and said, ‘We need to talk,’ “And I quit my job.”

There are now more than 25,000 programs, or applications, in the iPhone App Store, many of them written by people like Mr. Nicholas.

As for Mr. Nicholas, he has sprung for a family vacation to Washington, hired a nanny and founded a company called Naughty Bits Software to keep developing iPhone programs (so far he is the only employee). “Oh, and I bought myself a new laptop,” he said. “I figured I deserved that.”

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