in deep existential crisis..

A Journal by Sara

The key is to disband and dissolve….

Long way we have come, since the need for civilization felt few millennia ago. Countries rose and fell through it but none as to the discomfiture faced like India. What is even more debasing is people of India’s ignorance on their culture, and its glory, or at the least its sheer presence! Spiritual leaders arose, as and when darkness showed illusory light for Indians, or when their copious mind lead them to think in various ways and what they are really up to by leading this life?

It took an Adi Sankaracharya, to walk the lengths and breadths of this land and explain people about the immensity of the doctrines of this land and the primal history of the holy breath that filled this space for centuries. It took a Raja Raja Chola to reign supreme and protect the piece of land and its sumptuousness from invader’s assault. These residues protected in egg shells all years long by these spiritual and political leaders is what been passed on to us as a glimpse of our past and the responsibility of Protector from more damage.

But it is a recorded history, that time and again people take contentment in plunging to darkness themselves, and then looking out for an extended arm to salvage them from misery. This has been a shameless journey throughout the history of India, but strangely successful in its attempt to remain alive.

After the last few decades, I am afraid to think that the abundance in which these spiritual and political leaders filled this earth helping the people out of misery is gone but history. People are now left in the lurch fighting their own demonic ignorance and living in a deep existential crisis. The tolerance which Indians practiced as a virtue struck them brutally hard, left them in tatter to rediscover their glory for generations to come, and now, presumably looks tough and impossible.

Regional aspirations overran the pan-India sentiments and the political leaders created and exploited it to the maximum. Sect, caste, race, conversion, became assets and the properties, of the leaders. These leaders preached it to people who followed them with blind faith. This, in turn, overwhelmingly separated people from religious and pan-India sentiments. This overcrowd of divisive feelings combined with poverty for lifetime never gave way for serenity and peace in the common man’s mind.

It had been a really long debate since twentieth century in western countries whether the state and the church are effectual to operate as the co-ordinates. But, India, altogether in a different plane of its own, doesn’t face the problem of existing in accord, but even more awful situation where the state is hell bent on demolishing temple and its personality.

Evolution in the last century has been painlessly excruciating for the people of India that, from the stages of seeding to the gigantic growth, the work of annihilation, never showed face in public and is surreptitiously known to carry out underground work. The danger is least known in the external world but for only some handful people among this Himalayan population of India.

Most of the time, Indians are left to support and fight for their annihilators; a strange link in the food chain where prey invites the predator. If this is what the tolerance they read in their spiritual elements, silly, but it is a total misunderstanding of its facts.

In this construed democracy, with the mock elections and bogus leaders, India has grown an old man since the years of stepping into this darkness. India had been left in modernity in the mid of twentieth century, as a conventional and old school country. It had a chance to bring back the system which brought them endless prosperity and wisdom in their past, but we had our thugs called leaders who held in store otherwise. Hooligans perpetuating their clan sold the country to their benefits. With compliance, they are looked upon as paradigm for living and prototype for worshipping by people of India. A meek surrender of people at these thug’s feet is merely symbolical of the ignorance which has grown to gargantuan proportions without even bothering to think a moment.

Few could comprehend more, than allowing foreigners again to rule over this historical land which was for its good part ruined by foreign invasions. But as I had told you, we are happy and more than ready plunging to darkness anytime and enjoying the deceptive light in darkness. It is an irony we carry a pride that one-sixth of the human souls that inhabits this earth is orbiting here, but we could not recognize one leader to show us light or least the direction to light.

Sometimes one is led to the feeling that still we have remnant of slavery left in our veins and that we dutifully not ask questions and bound to live within our self-destructing assumptions. But as in any chemical reaction, a by-product is obliged to be produced, akin, there developed a ray of hope for India. There were intellects who could see through this prism of forged truths and beliefs and, identify the darkness around them and find light at the end. It was their morality to extend that same arm to salvage people of India from their misery. It was the same morality which had uplifted a deluge of people in innumerable cases as in the past.

They did as usual but strange this time, people of India not only refrained to hold on to that arm but trying to pull them too into the same misery and further under them. It was derogatory, and simply wicked to indulge in such heinous acts, but it is darkness everywhere and we cannot blame these people for not seeing through darkness. Insane, you might call, but it has been the order of the day and democracy, for India. This month it has been given a fresh lease of another half-decade. It has been said that Behold the ‘Eternal Law’, but again the same has also said that ‘Dharma is in decline’.

These protectors who extended their arm to people are living in self-denial about the nature of these people in the misery. In my strong perspective, I would say that stop extending arm to these people, dissolve this group of Protector and stand aside. Do not sit in the opposition and scream from the bottom of your throat, as this gives the people a chance to enjoy the supply of these Protectors to use in the worst case, and smack you off now in the current pretext of governance and its governors.

The Protectors should come face to face with people and say, we are satisfied with the current affairs of the governance and the needs are extinct to keep this group of Protector alive and get it dissolved. Lest you think that would be the end of this grandeur India, no, not be mistaken. For once and all, allow the people of India to think and live in this kingdom of iniquity. In such situations, this realm by its nature is bound to show its true character in spite of burying all truth and reality. People of India would then crave and long. They will quest for a savior, leader, and prophet. Then alone could the jury see the value of these Protectors and what they have in store to offer!

Only if people of India assess the tenets of its age old practices, it would come in concord with the group of Protector. For that, people of India should now be allowed to operate in their own self-destruction mode. I say this to not show the resentment of their ignorance, but for all intents and purposes, allowing them a free will. As that free will alone would allow them wander into every corner of their comfort zone and then go weary. After growing weary, they would be left with questions.

Questions alone would lead them to the Truth and in turn to the Protectors who currently preach the Truth.


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