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Navin Chawla – The Congress Election Commie!

Congress have started reaping benefits for their far-sighted thinking. They have finally managed to keep a check on fair Elections in India with their staunch supporter Navin Chawla promoted to the top post today. (Links here) And, we have many of the innumerable duties in queue which he is expected to perform for congress with utmost sanctity from now onwards.

Yesterday, the rehearsal itself went fine for Navin Chawla. He turned down a plea (2-1 in his favor) to appoint an enquiry for the case of disqualifying Sonia as MP after she accepted the Belgian award in 2006.(Links here)

A CEC says Yes, and the other two who work under him says no! And we know what’s next? Now, it is forwarded to the President of India’s table for decision. An appointment which again shows the far-sighted thinking of Congress. Now, we can all safely forget this plea.


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