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Google, Yahoo offers coverage for India General Elections 2009


Google and Yahoo, is aware of the statistics that 25 million of 45 million internet users in India are of voting age and are actively looking online for information on the elections and other related news.Yahoo has come up with a dedicated micro-site called which offers election news coverage, schedules, online polls and discussion forums.

Google has launched its version in both English and Hindi. Hindustan Times partners with Google in this initiative to organize the content.

Google are more detailed in their news, offering you a wide range of information on any constituency you click to know about. The information include number and types of votes, the candidate of each party for current and last election, the attendance percent of your MP in Parliament and the number of questions he raised in Parliament, if he evens owns a PAN card and much more to your interest.

It is heartening to note that the portals are coming up with these efforts to help and organize the content for the voters to decide. This should definitely keep us more informed about your candidates and the parties.


April 13, 2009 - Posted by | Indian General Elections 2009, Politics

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