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Dear Flintoff,

Mate, you might be too loyal to your English cricket team, but it doesn’t mean that you take IPL as mere agency which transfer money for a little circus you engage for few weeks. No it doesn’t work that way. If you have made yourself available to this lucrative tournament, apart from the hurry to take the money home, there is also something called professional attitude you are expected to show evidence of. Certainly it doesn’t sound great when you say you are in this IPL season to pick clues about preparation techniques and the strengths and weaknesses of opposition in the T20 game and protect your English colleagues in the opposition camp.

After all, you are here in this IPL because you could never see your loyalty to English cricket board fetching even a fraction of what you might stand to get in this season.

As you said, you might need to bowl to your friend Kevin Pietersen in this tournament, and you are professionally expected to exploit his weakness and not bowl to his strengths.

I hope you would go all guns against your IPL’s opposition and set up advantage for your home team.

Yours sincerely,



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The iPhone App Store – A tempting market

iPhone App Store

You can’t help but admire the potential of iPhone to unleash a fresh novel market for programmers writing application for App store. At their best, if they could cobble something together and put up a new app that could do a charm in the iPhone, yes, they could see fortune kissing them right on the head.

If there is ever an iPhone hall of fame, Mr. Nicholas’s portrait might hang next to that of Kostas Eleftheriou, a young Greek entrepreneur who lives in London. He and two friends wrote a program in seven days called iSteam, which fogs up the face of an iPhone like a bathroom mirror. They made more than $100,000 in three months.

The market that is up for taking, which actually tempts programming gurus to try their hands on, has already been catching up fast with people all over the world.

Nicholas ran up huge debts, in the recession economy, with finances tied up in every possible ways. That’s when he heard of the guy who made a quarter-million dollars in a hurry by writing a video game called Trism for the iPhone. Nicholas had a thought, sat 6 weeks in a stretch managing his work at Sun Microsystems, while putting everything he could writing an artillery game for iPhone. Result, he created iShoot, sent it for approval to Apple and the very next day it was released into the online App store. Few days gone, it was downloaded more than 2 million times.

Now it is a life changing experience for Nicholas, “That’s when he called his boss and said, ‘We need to talk,’ “And I quit my job.”

There are now more than 25,000 programs, or applications, in the iPhone App Store, many of them written by people like Mr. Nicholas.

As for Mr. Nicholas, he has sprung for a family vacation to Washington, hired a nanny and founded a company called Naughty Bits Software to keep developing iPhone programs (so far he is the only employee). “Oh, and I bought myself a new laptop,” he said. “I figured I deserved that.”

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