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Recession sets new trends


Uhmmm! Imagine Ms. X marries Mr. Y, lives for few years, divorces later. Now she moves out to marry Mr. Z. The days roll, she finds it difficult to make ends meet, pile of bills to be paid, huge credit card statements, loss of job, kids tuition fees and other costs moving northwards, Ms. X grows weary, thinks of an alternate plan, suddenly her face lights up with an offer. The offer by, Mr. Y the old hubby to move along with them, so that he could get to live with the kids born to X&Y and in return fund the life of X&Z. X, Y &Z are happy, even the kids say proudly to folks at school, we live with our mommy and her two husbands. All the parties involved are happy with this tangle. Story ends.

Oh, I am not good at writing stories, no, not even attempted one here, but just made the names anonymous and have written the summary of an editorial from CNN.

The news item says that Ms. Nicole Thompson and her husband moves in with her x-husband due to the hardships they are facing in this economic recession.

Couple of picks from the article,

New husband says,

“We just clicked,” Thompson said. “When I tell people, ‘I’m living with my ex-wife and her husband,’ I get some really strange looks. …It’s different. It’s unusual, but it works.”

Kid says,

Seven-year-old Victoria went back to school after winter break — and after the whole team had blended under one roof — and started telling people this: ” ‘My mommy has two husbands,'” Thompson-Arce remembered. “I was like, ‘No, honey, don’t tell them that!'”


April 2, 2009 - Posted by | Changing Trends, Living, Modern Trendss, Relationships

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