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MR. Manmohan Singh!

No wonder, when elders said during my childhood, constitution of India is quite complicated and you have not grown enough to understand that. Quite bemused I am, standing along with millions and millions of Indian today, trying to understand a novel concept; leader who not elected by even a single citizen directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, up close or remote leading all the way to a full term of prime minister and digging another. Manmohan Singh is a nominated leader and not an elected leader. Yes, you and I have not brought this up on ourselves, but someone decides which results in someone heading us.

In all his life, Singh has contested only one Lok Sabha election and he suffered a heavy defeat against BJP’s Vijay Malhotra. Countries like United States of America are following the presidential democracy where they even go to an extent of setting up a one-on-one debate among the leaders whom they wish to choose and see it all on their own helping them decide who fits the bill and who not.

It is perfectly appreciated, when LK Advani today called Singh for the TV debate second time in the month. It came no surprise when the man and his party, who had already decided upon the second time back door entry as nominated representative (Rajya Sabha) , turned down the offer and lamely trying to criticize the subject.

If Manmohan Singh, as looked upon as the man who resides in people’s heart, let him go to the people’s constituency, prove a worth or two there, and show that he really not a PM who safely chooses Rajya Sabha route. Else, as his party men around who keep playing foul since morning that Advani is not Obama, let him fill his presence on the screen. Let him sit opposite to LK Advani on a TV debate and talk his report card of 5 years and the disasters of BJP as his party perceives.

We, at the mercy of politician’s goodwill, are yearning for such debates, which would in all glory and honesty, drill both contestant into bits and offer a platter in front of us to choose upon. Wouldn’t that be a great offer for, we Indians, who would love to vote for our leader!

Manmohan neither goes to the people nor accepts to the debate with his rivalry, then how would he prove that he is fit to assume charge of the highest office of India as a man called Mr. Prime Minister.

As the above title says MR. Manmohan Singh it doesn’t stand for Mister but a Misunderstood Representative!


March 28, 2009 - Posted by | India, Indian General Elections 2009, Issues, Politics

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