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Academy Awards

It was an Oscar night on Sunday, and millions of eyes were glued to television and other media. Rewind back to 3 years, Oscar honored March of the Penguins, a nature documentary, which depicts the yearly journey of the emperor penguins of Antarctica. With Oscar recognition, Antarctica felt truly ecstatic and was over the moon considering how well the nation has been recognized on the international stage and all the penguins felt jubilant, and felt a sense of belonging and conceit.

Akin to that, India felt truly honored and recognized on the international stage in Academy Awards 2009, when the British film Slumdog Millionaire, swept the awards and was also named the Best Film. Prime Minister Office sent out a congratulatory message for the entire Slumdog Millionaire team and felt proud of its achievements.

Anil Kapoor was the star attraction at the 81st Academy Awards, with all his at-best-forgettable antics and the words straight out his heart that how much Slumdog Millionaire is an Indian film and how he loves Mumbai and Maharashtra. Certainly, if he had the idea of contesting the next Indian election, this was really a perfect stage to have launched his campaign and he has gained on it.

Oh, Did I forget to say that post Slumdog Millionaire victory, Dharavi is one of the hottest tourist destinations. Again, Indians must be swelling with pride, to know that Destination Dharavi is the top Oscar holiday destination. What a joyful ride it would be?

My satire isn’t aimed at taking a dig at this movie, but as you should have guessed, it is about India going gaga over a movie filmed by a western director which represents most awful shambles of its urban. Danny Boyle mentioned at the Oscar night, that “many Indians emotionally consider this as an Indian movie, which is a huge compliment for me, but the fact is it is a British movie. British movie tends to portray realism on the screen unless the averages of Hollywood and Bollywood”. But we beg to differ, and still consider it as the Indian movie. And, I don’t even want to move into the theme of the movie which exports the poverty of India, as an uncut version, to the western audiences to qualify for an Academy performance. Although it is quite subjective and debatable, whether you view it as realism or disgrace of India, I would suggest nothing wrong in portraying what as is.

Certainly, it was breathtaking to note that AR Rahman has won award, not one but two. People might suggest that this may not be his best work to have qualified for the award, but indeed owes it to the nomination of the movie itself. My thought is that, this Academy award is not the ultimate recognition for the music composer AR Rahman on the world stage, as he has attained more heights already in his dazzling career. When TIME chose his song in the movie Roja as one of the 10 all –time best soundtracks, he has truly had his moment and this has only confirmed it.

Hence, more than AR Rahman, it was very heartening to note that Resul Pookutty has won the award for sound mixing, when we, at our own industry, do not bestow faith and credit for our own technicians. This international recognition should go long way in the future for recognition of cinema technicians of India and should match with the Hollywood counterparts. This would open up a new channel for them to the technicians around the world and their first class knowledge.


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