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Women’s Secret Of Success


Rediff quotes,


Women who get thrills from regular orgasms are more likely to be successful at work and healthy, according to a leading expert.

Psychologist Dr Lisa Turner has said that while men lose energy through orgasm, women are empowered by them and gain clarity of thought.

According to Turner, the right type of orgasm will “massively increase your energy”.

Previous studies have suggested that 28 percent of women rarely, or never, achieve full orgasm and many resort to faking it.

Now, Turner has said that good orgasms boost health and concentration and help women perform better at work, reports the Sun.

She believes “You will feel more vital, healthy, and energised.”



Now, I understand how few women possess enviable energy and enthusiasm at work amidst the dull men around. Yoooovvv!! If Orgasms are going to be secret of success for women at work then, do my belief that Ms. Indra Nooyi’s success comes from Pepsi gets shattered?

By the way, could energy be faked? May be, until you get nausea.


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