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Decade at Bernard Madoff!


Paul Krugman, while analyzing the American Economics debacle, looks back at the great depression which was eventually followed by World War II, which in turn, set up mass employment, rising incomes and substantial inflation.

Since nothing of such sorts on offer in the current state of affairs, he concludes that the debt people ran up so blithely would take years to be worked off.

Ghewwww! A thought on reverse way!

A good political system is often a necessity to bring in prosperity and wealth to people driving up economic fortunes and stability to the country. The system has swung in all directions so long and so much that it has rested itself in an upside down position, warranting a bad political system and instability among countries to drive up the weaker economics which in turn would lead to prosperity and goodness of citizens.

It’s the kind of self-digging which sometimes force you to think Adam Smith is the forefather of Adolf Hitler.


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