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Indian General Elections 2009

A year full of campaigns and attention on American Elections – the oldest democracy, have just given way to the largest democracy of the world, to conduct its own version of Parliamentary elections, although completely unique and non-paralleled. India’s fifteenth General Elections, though late to have picked up steam, is catching up with the tentative announcement of dates from April 8 – May 15.
Also, with the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) recommending the removal of Election Commissioner (EC) Navin Chawla from the Election Commission citing his undying loyalty and bias towards the Congress party has added to the Election mood.

I feel Chawla will not be removed from the EC, keeping a simple logic; Congress did not take all the pain to insert him into the EC and fire him out before reaping the fruit of it. Boosted by the fact that, CEC would see his tenure end exactly by April 2009 when the elections would be in full swing. Also, I don’t feel BJP is taking this issue forward seriously to the court as well as the campaign.

In view of the recent state elections, where Congress scored over BJP in much of these states must give an upper hand to them in these General Elections. However BJP scores better comparatively, with its clarity of action electing their Prime Ministerial candidate well before elections. Mr. LK Advani is already gunning to become a first techie Prime Minister of India, with all his website and blogging, starting to appeal to the computer masses. Though internet usage in India is 5% of the population and it hardly woos a major vote-base, this is seen as wisdom of the future and reaching out to the youth and the techie world of Indian corporate.

On contrary, though Congress has announced its prime ministerial candidate, Manmohan Singh, it was very late and almost surprising that they have dared to announce one, in spite of all the chaos among their actions. Especially considering that he underwent a heart surgery recently; it remains confusing in the congress party, should they look for an alternate or a back-up candidate.

With one party deciding on its PM-candidate and the other, though announced, yet mulling over the possibilities of other, are gearing up to take on the General elections’09!




February 11, 2009 - Posted by | India, Issues, Politics

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