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If Obama and I met now, according to conventional wisdom I would love to fix his grammar  about the usage of ‘me’ and ‘I’. Do you know, what Patricia and me believe in common? Grammar Junkies. Here is the explanation.


For centuries, it was perfectly acceptable to use either “I” or “me” as the object of a verb or preposition, especially after “and.” Literature is full of examples. Here’s Shakespeare, in “The Merchant of Venice”: “All debts are cleared between you and I.” And here’s Lord Byron, complaining to his half-sister about the English town of Southwell, “which, between you and I, I wish was swallowed up by an earthquake, provided my eloquent mother was not in it.”

It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that language mavens began kvetching about “I” and “me.” The first kvetch cited in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage came from a commencement address in 1846. In 1869, Richard Meade Bache included it in his book “Vulgarisms and Other Errors of Speech.”


On other presidents’ language skills:


Our 44th president isn’t the first occupant of the White House to suffer from pronounitis. Nos. 43 and 42 were similarly afflicted. The symptoms: “for Laura and I,” “invited Hillary and I,” and so on. (For the record, Nos. 41 and 40 had no problem with the objective case, regularly using “Barbara and me” or “Nancy and me” when appropriate.)



Hence Obama is not the only one to err. If you ask him, he would say correctly, other presidents and I have made a common mistake and believe me it would just stop with Grammar.


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Here is a millionaire!

Academy Awards

It was an Oscar night on Sunday, and millions of eyes were glued to television and other media. Rewind back to 3 years, Oscar honored March of the Penguins, a nature documentary, which depicts the yearly journey of the emperor penguins of Antarctica. With Oscar recognition, Antarctica felt truly ecstatic and was over the moon considering how well the nation has been recognized on the international stage and all the penguins felt jubilant, and felt a sense of belonging and conceit.

Akin to that, India felt truly honored and recognized on the international stage in Academy Awards 2009, when the British film Slumdog Millionaire, swept the awards and was also named the Best Film. Prime Minister Office sent out a congratulatory message for the entire Slumdog Millionaire team and felt proud of its achievements.

Anil Kapoor was the star attraction at the 81st Academy Awards, with all his at-best-forgettable antics and the words straight out his heart that how much Slumdog Millionaire is an Indian film and how he loves Mumbai and Maharashtra. Certainly, if he had the idea of contesting the next Indian election, this was really a perfect stage to have launched his campaign and he has gained on it.

Oh, Did I forget to say that post Slumdog Millionaire victory, Dharavi is one of the hottest tourist destinations. Again, Indians must be swelling with pride, to know that Destination Dharavi is the top Oscar holiday destination. What a joyful ride it would be?

My satire isn’t aimed at taking a dig at this movie, but as you should have guessed, it is about India going gaga over a movie filmed by a western director which represents most awful shambles of its urban. Danny Boyle mentioned at the Oscar night, that “many Indians emotionally consider this as an Indian movie, which is a huge compliment for me, but the fact is it is a British movie. British movie tends to portray realism on the screen unless the averages of Hollywood and Bollywood”. But we beg to differ, and still consider it as the Indian movie. And, I don’t even want to move into the theme of the movie which exports the poverty of India, as an uncut version, to the western audiences to qualify for an Academy performance. Although it is quite subjective and debatable, whether you view it as realism or disgrace of India, I would suggest nothing wrong in portraying what as is.

Certainly, it was breathtaking to note that AR Rahman has won award, not one but two. People might suggest that this may not be his best work to have qualified for the award, but indeed owes it to the nomination of the movie itself. My thought is that, this Academy award is not the ultimate recognition for the music composer AR Rahman on the world stage, as he has attained more heights already in his dazzling career. When TIME chose his song in the movie Roja as one of the 10 all –time best soundtracks, he has truly had his moment and this has only confirmed it.

Hence, more than AR Rahman, it was very heartening to note that Resul Pookutty has won the award for sound mixing, when we, at our own industry, do not bestow faith and credit for our own technicians. This international recognition should go long way in the future for recognition of cinema technicians of India and should match with the Hollywood counterparts. This would open up a new channel for them to the technicians around the world and their first class knowledge.

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Low Tech Fixes for the High Tech Problems!

Here are some of the Low Tech Fixes for the High-Tech Problems. Looks like you can get through any failure of any expensive e-devices yourself, if you care to have a refridgerator and a set of basic tools.

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Decade at Bernard Madoff!


Paul Krugman, while analyzing the American Economics debacle, looks back at the great depression which was eventually followed by World War II, which in turn, set up mass employment, rising incomes and substantial inflation.

Since nothing of such sorts on offer in the current state of affairs, he concludes that the debt people ran up so blithely would take years to be worked off.

Ghewwww! A thought on reverse way!

A good political system is often a necessity to bring in prosperity and wealth to people driving up economic fortunes and stability to the country. The system has swung in all directions so long and so much that it has rested itself in an upside down position, warranting a bad political system and instability among countries to drive up the weaker economics which in turn would lead to prosperity and goodness of citizens.

It’s the kind of self-digging which sometimes force you to think Adam Smith is the forefather of Adolf Hitler.

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Women’s Secret Of Success


Rediff quotes,


Women who get thrills from regular orgasms are more likely to be successful at work and healthy, according to a leading expert.

Psychologist Dr Lisa Turner has said that while men lose energy through orgasm, women are empowered by them and gain clarity of thought.

According to Turner, the right type of orgasm will “massively increase your energy”.

Previous studies have suggested that 28 percent of women rarely, or never, achieve full orgasm and many resort to faking it.

Now, Turner has said that good orgasms boost health and concentration and help women perform better at work, reports the Sun.

She believes “You will feel more vital, healthy, and energised.”



Now, I understand how few women possess enviable energy and enthusiasm at work amidst the dull men around. Yoooovvv!! If Orgasms are going to be secret of success for women at work then, do my belief that Ms. Indra Nooyi’s success comes from Pepsi gets shattered?

By the way, could energy be faked? May be, until you get nausea.

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Please bail me out – By America


If at all we had moved away from Indian culture in all these post-industrialization decades, we would have been hit by a crisis harder than America! Had we not believed in simple economics and social esteem, we would have been hit harder than Americans!

Really? What saved us from this worst crisis? Indian Culture?  Our belief in old money management technique? This is what Thomas L. Friedman of NYTimes, who on a visit to India, finds out;


Leave it to a brainy Indian to come up with the cheapest and surest way to stimulate our economy: immigration.

“All you need to do is grant visas to two million Indians, Chinese and Koreans,” said Shekhar Gupta, editor of The Indian Express newspaper. “We will buy up all the subprime homes. We will work 18 hours a day to pay for them. We will immediately improve your savings rate — no Indian bank today has more than 2 percent nonperforming loans because not paying your mortgage is considered shameful here. And we will start new companies to create our own jobs and jobs for more Americans.”


Shekhar Gupta argues that, no Indian bank today has more than 2 percent nonperforming loans. I think what he says is the output of the past Bank strategies and not reflecting the recent outlook of the banks. This shift in strategy is obviously due to the outrageous growth pattern witnessed in the last few years. Hence, India should now be afraid whether it would move away from its culture as mentioned above and wont hang his head in shame in the future if mortgage could not be paid. This could be attributed partly to the ease with which an Indian gets loan, and mainly to the reason how willing the banks are, to splash out cash bypassing the basic question of repayment capabilities. I believe India is witnessing this new pattern where there is more money on offer and more people forked out of that brimming Indian Culture.

Obama’s administration has stated that institutions that received bailout money would be restricted from hiring high skilled immigrants on H1B visas; this could result in employing the US nationals leading to generation of high skill jobs, but might even hit back offsetting the advantage of globalization. Simple, you don’t risk your long term growth by throwing out the best minds. Then they might find a place where their innovations have respect.

Thomas L. Friedman opines to,


Bad signal. In an age when attracting the first-round intellectual draft choices from around the world is the most important competitive advantage a knowledge economy can have, why would we add barriers against such brainpower — anywhere? That’s called “Old Europe.” That’s spelled: S-T-U-P-I-D.


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An undelivered parcel for Obama…


Alfred Brock, 64, of Winnfield, Louisiana drove up to one of the barricades of U.S Capitol with a rifle in his vehicle and when blocked told police officers that he had a delivery for President Obama. Earlier to this incident, couple of months back, two others were arrested in Colorado and Florida for posing threats to Obama.

Hmm…President Obama seems to be a tough opponent, be it anything .. Imagine him screaming aloud in a rock concert with a guitar on his hand … singing …….either run me down or gun me know I will win you hands down …. phewww!!!

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Indian General Elections 2009

A year full of campaigns and attention on American Elections – the oldest democracy, have just given way to the largest democracy of the world, to conduct its own version of Parliamentary elections, although completely unique and non-paralleled. India’s fifteenth General Elections, though late to have picked up steam, is catching up with the tentative announcement of dates from April 8 – May 15.
Also, with the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) recommending the removal of Election Commissioner (EC) Navin Chawla from the Election Commission citing his undying loyalty and bias towards the Congress party has added to the Election mood.

I feel Chawla will not be removed from the EC, keeping a simple logic; Congress did not take all the pain to insert him into the EC and fire him out before reaping the fruit of it. Boosted by the fact that, CEC would see his tenure end exactly by April 2009 when the elections would be in full swing. Also, I don’t feel BJP is taking this issue forward seriously to the court as well as the campaign.

In view of the recent state elections, where Congress scored over BJP in much of these states must give an upper hand to them in these General Elections. However BJP scores better comparatively, with its clarity of action electing their Prime Ministerial candidate well before elections. Mr. LK Advani is already gunning to become a first techie Prime Minister of India, with all his website and blogging, starting to appeal to the computer masses. Though internet usage in India is 5% of the population and it hardly woos a major vote-base, this is seen as wisdom of the future and reaching out to the youth and the techie world of Indian corporate.

On contrary, though Congress has announced its prime ministerial candidate, Manmohan Singh, it was very late and almost surprising that they have dared to announce one, in spite of all the chaos among their actions. Especially considering that he underwent a heart surgery recently; it remains confusing in the congress party, should they look for an alternate or a back-up candidate.

With one party deciding on its PM-candidate and the other, though announced, yet mulling over the possibilities of other, are gearing up to take on the General elections’09!



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I am back again!

Ooooof! Just thought whether I remember the key to my blogosphere! Got it right after the second attempt. Been long time long time since had a post.

Its been a disappointing, wasteful 3 months …since nov 8 2008.. and I am finally settling down a bit and finding myself back.  Normalcy back again and all usual stuffs along.

Wud catch you’ll soon with posts!

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