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Ban Smoking (in public) ?

We have never run out of auspicious days, to launch a law. Now, we have birth day of Gandhi to re-launch ban on public smoking. FYI we are launching it for the record 3rd time (in 2001, 2003 and 2008).

Thinking it through, you might consider, this time, the law comes in a handy and attractive package, with bandages applied all around and should be a smart upgraded version. No, not really, it is well the same law ratified by the government and passed many times before.

Union Health Minister says smoking in public is banned. One doesn’t have an idea what qualifies as public places, as it is a highly confusing statement in India, unless detailed. Said, restaurants, offices, libraries, malls, trains, buses, hospital, theatres, auditorium, stadiums, discos and pubs are public places.

Seriously I ask should smoking be banned in pubs. Why does one go to pubs? Meditate and offer prayers? If a passive smoker feels inconvenient about it, shouldn’t be there in the place, first? No one forces him into pubs; he has a better option of buying a can of coke and lays chips and sit in front of his plasma TV at home to chill out. They pay taxes starting every letter of alphabet to pubs to get a drink and smoke, and effectively be in their own comfort zone.

I again get a weird doubt that, Is it sensible to ask smokers, to abstain from smoking inside the buildings and go fag out in the streets, parks, beaches where India has most of its people in. Shouldn’t it really be the other way around?

Again, if the ban is to be imposed, at least for the enforcement of the law on its first week, shouldn’t you be having enough police force ensuring the implementation of law? Have you already mounted ‘Designated Smoking Areas’ and ‘No Smoke Zone; Smoking here is an offence’ board on all the walls of India. Have you already distributed receipts to the guardians of the law, who has to write it, in case of an offence by smoker?

And, do you want me to believe police would sincerely hand over the receipt and pay the money collected to the government? And, you want me to believe, he won’t instead make a quick buck by collecting half the money? And, you want me to believe, hotels and pubs won’t pay a fat cheque to police to run their business without any quandary?

Again, with the timing of this law, don’t we want our police force to stop bombings and stampedes which has turned the order of the day in every city of the country than run around every smoker and impatiently wait for him to light up the stick in his hand which he’s holding for a long time just to tease him?


October 3, 2008 - Posted by | Health, India, Issues, Judiciary/Police, Living, Politics

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  1. Dude just because you wanna smoke you cant ask people to stay back at home, not a great view from a good blogger.


    Comment by Gurdeep | October 3, 2008 | Reply

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