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Alaska and Delaware!

Last night, I watched the much touted US vice presidential debate, between Joe Biden (Delaware Senator) and Sarah Palin. Though, I lost the interest within few minutes, I went on to watch it till the conclusion with intermittent access to TV.

Especially after Sarah Palin offered an interview (that she would regret in life) to Katie Couric a fortnight ago, I was keener to watch her speech last night. It was reported that she spent two full days for her tutorial at McCain’s house for her next damn public speech.

As, Biden with his 35 years of political experience, should have found a cake walk to debate with Palin, though fatefully it wasn’t to be. He stumbled through his way at times, and made mistakes on few occasions, repeating the statements. But still managed to have an upper hand, especially in the context, when you have your opposition making statements; ‘foreign policy with Russia’ is a familiar territory as Alaska is in close proximity to Russia, which had people laugh their back out.

She failed to convince even modestly last night, with her artificial body language and mostly speaking as she was taught. In my thought, she hardly took a stance on the crises of the nation; Wall Street bailout, tax cuts, energy crisis, global warming, and political muddle in Middle East, while tailing through Biden’s statements often.

One point where she failed out-and-out was her completely made-up expressions and often to have quoted Alaska and her brilliance, when the question wasn’t one!

Considering, the Presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain last week, this debate was a huge letdown in terms of expertise. Rather, ended up as a freaking funny debate which we used to watch on festival day mornings in Chennai!


October 3, 2008 - Posted by | Issues, Policy/Strategies, Politics

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