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It means welfare of the State, Sir!

A coalition of government is formed, as law requires it, only to make sure you have the trust of people from various regions. Thus proving a majority supports you in your deeds which empower the future of the state. I reckon, it has all got to do with your actions for welfare of the state and not to chest-beat we have succeeded just retaining the majority.

Any charges claimed against a government, is only to make it improve its competency in maintaining the state and the welfare of its residents.


“The charge against the Congress is that the Congress is not good at managing coalitions. I wanted to prove that statement wrong and I think we have nearly succeeded. We have given this country a purposeful government, a government which by-and-large has the support and respect of all the constituents of our coalition,” Manmohan Singh explained. Links


It just not stops with maintaining the coalition, it is more than that. If it is so, then the entire time is lost just proving it.


October 2, 2008 - Posted by | India, Issues, Politics

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