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Niagara – Fall with her !

Those moments in life, you kick on dust with annoyance and whirr yourself that you are leading a black and white life. The moment ticks on, only to see you return to your old school way of living again, accepting the reality. Even if you had wanted to, you are limited by your constraints.

Imagine a way, your holiday goes as set and smooth and the way you want it to roll; you pack your bags up and drive without any distress to those mindboggling mother nature at its divine best, at few hundreds of miles away. If only you could wash away all those gripe in you and rub ice on your heart for a day or two; where you stop thinking your way, and relish how altruistic nature has been to you always!

The real star ....

The real star ....

I had them all, a fortnight back, with couple of my buddies in town. We had planned to hit and rock New York City and pack everything up the following dawn to visit ‘The’ Niagara Falls. The Niagara, which had always been an unusual third partner in most couple’s privacy, who has visited her place.

Pradeep had informed me earlier, we shall drive our way to the Niagara. The drive through valley, mountains and the scenic landscape would be the route to the destination. We clicked loads of photographs with different color tone, scenic mode and much more, ripping through every possible techiee config in the camera. I should definitely mention here, the top-of-the-line camera Ganapathy brought; it was cool discussing the art of photography with him and checking out different location to shoot. We rocked all our way to the trip, finally finding a technique to plug iPod to the aux output of the audio system and soon the beats thumped us; with some outstanding high-range music throwing us out of our seats and setting our body sway, we drenched in even before we hit Niagara City.

We reached the falls exactly by 3 at evening, as Pradeep kept clocking the three figures on the radar consistently on drive. He split the metal out of the pedal and was accurate most of the times, whizzing past every vehicle. It was a perfect match for him to have laid his hands and legs on a SUV, as he chased the time swiftly. I wondered how quickly he got his mode switched to the American way of driving and taught a lot of tricks to me as well while on board. It was truly moments to cherish and to remember almost his thousand plus miles of driving in as less as 60 hours, which was also packed with visiting and staying in two different places. I was quite skeptical at the start as we had couple of minor violations and hiccups, but once he got his eye in, Man! He was unstoppable! But hey! Why should I stop him when he is cruising in his own style! Hitting every city as planned and finally on clear afternoon, catching up the Ms. Gorgeous, when I say, yea, it is the real, bloody, damn, fugging Gorgeous, well, the real fun filled girl if I should match up to!

Pradeep .. turning the wheels !

Pradeep .. turning the wheels !

As we checked in exactly 3 in the evening – the exact check in time we booked online earlier, we gave a moment of ponder to the receptionist keeping her think ‘Are Indians, the most punctual on earth!’ We chuckled after all, and checked in the room. Now, we drove near the Niagara Falls, and walked in with fun all ends up.

Pradeep had a firsthand look at the falls, and were waiting for me and Ganapathy with disappointment, as we were grabbing snack and burger to fill our real hunger. He texted his bro saying we are disappointed.

Standing at the American falls side, we missed to have a look at the Canadian side of the falls which exactly is the abode of Gods! We took a ride up to the abode, in the ‘Maid of the Mist’ tour with doubt.

Little did we know the real rush through the spine, blood and every named part, are to be felt in the next few moments, when the boat started wading through the river. The gushes of fall kept ringing in my ears; where the Niagara River reaches the crest, and cascades downwards at say 50 miles per hour, at the intersection of America and Canada; truly a site to behold and the moment to savor! Now, having entered ‘The’ Horseshoe there was a tranquility that embraced the soul, spirit and mind of one self.

Canadian falls in the background ...

Canadian falls in the background ...

We had an enlightened feeling inside the horseshoe and to give you a glimpse, the horseshoe, known locally, is the River Niagara falling in delight covering herself up on three sides and admitting only you in. Well, If only you could imagine the thrill of being surrounded by falls on three sides and effectively on the other side too with the enormous amount of river fall splashing all over, making its own wall of water, closing the fourth side too. Serene!

Pradeep, texted back, saying ‘She was not at all disappointing’.


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  1. Thanks god you did’nt mention about my ‘Jersey City’ driving fanatics 🙂

    Comment by Pradeep | September 10, 2008 | Reply

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