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A Journal by Sara

The date!

Enough I had notions, uncertainties and marvel on her. Now, I have reached close to her, next, what? Sheesh, I can’t touch her yet, fine, it’s after all a moment for I have waited all along, let me wait a little more.

Finally the moment closed in; yes I touched her on an overcast night. Millions have touched her, but yet she has preserved her sanctity; remained fresh and waiting for me. Others, who had a feel of her, say once you touch her, she embraces, she entertains and she casts a magic wand on you and she does everything you long for. Let’s see what has she got up her sleeve tonight? Gotham, they call her. The Big Apple, they call her. They say she never sleeps. Yes, she is the New York City.

It had always been my dream to rove in metropolis and cosmopolitan cities of the world. Walk slipshod on the sidewalks of the famed streets, cranking heavy metal through my can, full of music pounding my ear drums on a sunny day. Swig in tequila shots, puff a King size fag, and there I am!

New York City is a single case study of a broader phenomenon, urbanization, which has marked the period of modernity and effected shocking changes around the world.

NY Skyline - Spend an evening watching it!

NY Skyline - Spend an evening watching it!

Having stepped out of the car at West 31st Street, I walked up straight in to the mid-town Manhattan, the economic and cultural heart of the city; dominated by skyscrapers. Grabbed a cappuccino at the next café and headed to the West 42nd street. It had an atmosphere you will instantly fall for and accompanied by a noise of the city which filled bass in my ears, the sound which had an immense calm in it. I could notice immigrants of diverse ethnicity, creed and race wandering around getting a taste of this city. The entire city is well connected by hundreds of miles of subway rail track, trains cruising underneath. The manhole on the roads emitting smoke, from underground city beneath, was a sight I bemused at.

The incredible thing is that New York looks even better up-close, in person. New York seems to have engendered by its image on the big screen, someone once said that to grasp it “you should not …begin with the city and move inwards to the screen; rather you should begin with the screen and move outwards to the city”; a perfect synonym.

NY City's sheen

NY City's Sheen

It’s much like movies. It was fun, visiting the Madame Tussauds, the home for celebrity wax figures. You will wonder how this magic of wax artistry could look this real. You can rub shoulders with the Hollywood’s finest, legendary sportsmen, political biggies and all-time pop stars. It’s a star studded morning for me, to talk about my Caribbean knowledge to Johnny Depp, stirring equation along with Albert Einstein, join a fast with Gandhi, play guitar with Jimi Hendrix, hug Jennifer Aniston, hand a blow to Mike Tyson, crack jokes with Chaplin, discuss the next Indiana Jones with Steven Spielberg, join along with Bill Gates cursing Google and last but not least advise on foreign policies to George W. Bush. It was huge sets well classified. Yes, as you might think now, I almost got close to breaking one, but god saved. An hour of looking around the fantasy, I got out now to the real world.

Team work@Madame Tussauds

Team work@Madame Tussauds

Walked through the intersection of celebrated streets of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street to the Empire State Building and followed stairs. Surprised to see a security check on! Yes, thorough security checks and then had to wait up for another hour to go to the top floor. Well to have finally gotten there up, whoa, I had no words to describe! It was a panorama that got etched in my heart. Having a look around the radiant New York City landscape, I could feel for real everything, see people shop ‘til they drop in the luxury shopping zone of Fifth and Madison Avenues, feel People rocking in the Hard Rock Café, smell the money being made day and night on the Wall Street, discover the orient in China Town, The Broadway Theater that screened AR Rahman’s musical, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, the high profile U.S open live, the NYPD patrolling the city, the headquarters of world’s greatest of brands. All of this grandeur shoe-horned into only a 50 Sq. km goes on to portray the stature of this city.

Snap from the Empire State risking my lovely phone

Snap from the Empire State risking my lovely phone

I was looking at an evanescent, yet lingering New York. An hour of wham-bam serious clicking of photographs and all my shooting skills were out on the floor! Some video recordings followed too! I could spot the Chrysler Building, GE, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Rockefeller Center and all other places of the city and its suburbs. A pigeon sat to the outer edge at the vicinity, and all were spot on shooting pictures of it. Yet it would not look scared but proud, leaving an everlasting wish in us, if only we could be at its place. I could imagine an illusory moment holding the edge of the building from the other side and looking down the ground from fifteen hundred feet. Huah! It sent shiver down my spine.

I left the place ecstatic, and was cooling the heels off for couple of hours in the Jersey City. Picked a PATH train to West 34th street and was biting a Mac chicken for dinner at McD. Walked in to the Times Square. Times Square with its multicolored stuttering invocation of ebullience looked day light even at midnight. Perhaps, a moment that reminds you are in the city that never sleeps. It is a costliest place on earth to put on display, a digital billboard. NASDAQ with its huge sign, nearly 100 feet high, is known to be paying more than $2 million a year to lease the space.

Pigeon flying high! Whoa, If only I could be there!

Pigeon flying high! Whoa, If only I could be there!

You can travel the world just by walking a few blocks within the Times Square area and visiting some of the many fabulous shopping stores, multi cuisine restaurants, musical venue, and big brand corporate offices.

It is a busy intersection of culture and entertainment capturing visitors’ mind to it. Billboards around include Toshiba, Coca Cola, Budweiser, McDonald s, Chevrolet and many others. Times Square acts the head quarters of Morgan Stanley, Ernst and Young, Lehman Brothers, Bain and Company, Thomson Reuters, MTV Networks and dozens more.

The commercial buildings are Macy’s, M&M Store and the hotels include Renaissance, Sheraton, Marriott and the great Hard Rock Café opposite to NASDAQ signs.

Whether you want to call it spontaneity or chaos, there are a million different New York moments that can catch you off-guard and sweep you off your feet.

Times Square at midnight, a pace of life to match!

Times Square at midnight, a pace of life to match!

Constant bustling streets, and tall skyscrapers around, and the complex subway system, no matter how grandiose or beautiful New York’s sights are, their combined scale may seem even overwhelming.

Whether it is the Frank Sinatra’s track ‘new york, new york, I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps’ or the AR Rahman’s score ‘New York nagaram urangum boathu’ You will walk the feeling all over, in the Manhattan island of the New York City.

It’s not difficult to fall in love with New York. You just have to watch a Woody Allen Film, “Sex and the City” or “Gossip Girl” to see how the city is as much an actor as the others. It has an aura, attitude, sex appeal and grit.

You are the New York City!


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  1. Whooho Buddy… Welcome to NY.. these were exactly the feelings that rushed through me when i first walked her streets! Now I hafta say am in love with Manhattan. The place, and its attitude is just awesome. The Big Apple of all cities has a kinda feel about it that you’ll find only in big cities of this sort, and NY just rocks. But wait, no visit to NY would be complete, without a visit to Central park and the free concerts (which I think considering fall is coming in the next two weeks would have well have stopped), watch a play or two at one of the Broadway theaters and attend the NY Phil Harmonic orchestra. One can soak into the amazing experience that NY is!!

    Comment by Ganapathy | September 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. Dei,
    Excellent rant about Newyork.Whats next.You made a promise :-0)

    Comment by Pradeep | September 9, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi,

    Excellent, looks as through I have seen New York by the way it is described.

    Really impressing one.


    Comment by Jayasree | September 9, 2008 | Reply

  4. One way air-ticket to visit NY – $800
    Read your blog to visit NY – Priceless 🙂

    go on buddy….divinity bowed down to humanity…

    u r truly a ‘devil on the run’.

    Comment by Pradeep | September 9, 2008 | Reply

  5. I enjoyed the trip to NY by your article.
    Rajesh D

    Comment by Rajesh D | September 10, 2008 | Reply

  6. I am able to perfectly relate to what you would have underwent in those wonderful moments of truth. I havent seen New York, rather she hasnt seduced me yet :-). Well, I was able to relate to your emotions perfectly as I know how much you yearned to have a date with her and other cosmos around the world. Way to go and I wish your countdown has just begun in that regard.

    I should proudly admit that I was very much impressed with the way/manner you attempted to unfold the sequences of moments. Those alliterations and metaphors. I loved it. In short, I loved your writing style. Keep it up!!


    Comment by Vishwanath | September 10, 2008 | Reply

  7. Great write up, NYC unfolded in front on reading your post which has also made me think why don’t I update my blog frequently.. I guess ill start updating my blog soon, ofcourse with my local tanglish and not as ur englipish.. ;o) Use of pics by the side enhances the reader’s view of NYC on reading your post.. Keep it going..

    Comment by Hameed | September 10, 2008 | Reply

  8. More than words…the way you look at it impresses much venkat…felllike visiting NY again…on your shoes…kalakku machi…

    Comment by Sudagar...aaaibaloooo... | September 10, 2008 | Reply

  9. Machi..
    Superb blog da… really i enjoyed reading this
    But as you know iam the guy who has least interest in reading blogs and articles…so now onwards i will start reading some good blogs like this..

    Last but not least…
    “Sorgamey Endralum Adu Nammura Pola Varuma…”
    Hope everyone should agree to this


    Comment by Swami | September 11, 2008 | Reply

  10. No comments…

    Comment by Prem | September 25, 2008 | Reply

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