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Round-up of August 2008

Beijing Olympics ‘08:

First of all, China made world stand up and take notice that they have arrived, well, with a bang on the international stage. I was struck in awe with the Chinese infrastructure. Man, how could that have been possible, to bring into being, a city like Beijing or Schenzen?

Michael Phelps, a man-turned-phenomenon, would have never thought even in his wildest dreams, that one day he would pose for cameramen, with as many as eight Olympic gold worn around his neck.

Usain Bolt, a Jamaican, thrashing records in the track and field athletics and setting a new world record every time. Again, the people have started researching that magic possessed by Jamaican’s legs. He was an aspiring cricketer then, who was directed to athletics by his coach. Well done, coach!

Abhinav Bindra has won first individual gold medal for India. Manohar Singh Gill (MS Gill) said on TV he congratulates himself and the winner for the gold. Myself? What exactly he means? Thanks to the economic status of Abhinav’s father that he has set him a private rifle shoot ground at his own back yard, which been imported for few million rupees. I think MS Gill thanks himself as he at least not intervened in Abhinav’s family making one for him. If true, then surely he makes sense thanking his own.

The joy continued on with two more medals by Sushil and Vijender in boxing. Yes, you have not heard wrong, it is boxing; Indians started climbing on to the world stage dealing with punches and blows, knocking down the international boxing men.

Definitely an improvement for India as she has won more than 2 medals for the record first time and surpassed the best ever tally of 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

Serial blasts in India:

We saw the bleed in Bangalore and Ahmedabad this month. Terrorists in India are an improved kid. A kid, I mean, they have started playing with Indian Police Dept and Intelligence Dept. It has become a routine that, you would have a prior email sent about bomb that goes live in any city.

Infosys acquires British Axon:

Software Industry in India seems to have picked up a cue or two from other manufacturing industry on acquisitions, promptly following the path. The acquisition would help consolidate its ground on the international market, transition from low end maintenance to high end consulting. Axon provides consultancy services to multinational organizations that have chosen SAP as their strategic enterprise platform and has about 2,000 employees. Infosys has started expanding its SAP market, probably the right apple.

Centenary of Sir Donald Bradman’s birth:

The man who is mostly known for the number hundred is no more to see his hundred years of birth. Definitely as Ponting quoted in the Centenary Oration, he is a special man in the history of any sports as he is still unchallenged of his cricketing achievements. Even the thought of someone surpassing is highly remote.


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Congrats Abhinav Bindra!

Join me congratulating India’s Gold Medal winner in Beijing Olympics! We are proud!

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