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Ricky ‘Fair’ Ponting ?


MacGill to Powell, OUT, MacGill gets his first wicket. Powell stands there for a brief moment before he walks away. It was a loopy flighted one, turning from the middle stump, Powell goes for a drive and the tv replay doesn’t show an edge. There must have been sound for the umpire to have given it. Many a time, the replays don’t show such edges.

DBL Powell c Haddin b MacGill 27 (35b 6×4 0x6) SR: 77.14


MacGill to Jaggernauth, OUT, Australia have won by 95 runs. Jaggernauth goes for a first-ball duck. It spun in to him, past the bat and bounded off the pad to short leg. No bat there, definitely. Aussies appeal very confidently and Tiffin raised his finger. That’s that. Game over.

Above excerpts are from commentary of Australia Vs WIndies test match.

You don’t really need to take wickets with edges off the bat, esp. if you are in Australian Team, do you? So much so that, Ponting never realizes his mistakes and speaks lengths and breadths about the fair play and his integrity. Sure, those two wickets wouldn’t have made a difference, but, hold on, who knows they could have just won the test for their team!


May 28, 2008 - Posted by | Cricket, Sports

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