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When eyes errs…..

The ball hits the batsman’s shoulder and then carries behind to the keeper, but the bowler is vociferous in his appeal and was running to the keeper to celebrate the wicket. This is enough for the umpire, to lift his finger up, thinking after all the bowler won’t be wrong. Yup, an umpire judge psychology of the bowler and not opens his eyes to look at what all the conventional umpires have been looking at all these years, the batsman before you!

To compound more, the batsman was fined for showing dissent to the umpire for not leaving the field immediately after the GREAT decision was given.

Left furious and damned, I switched off my TV when Yuvraj was given out by umpire, Amesh Saheba, on whom I have already challenged my friend, he will ridiculously fail even if you assist him set up & run a tea shop in India.

God knows why, India with its 1.3+ billion human resources, cannot produce a single referee who is fit enough to umpire at the international level. For information, India does not have a single umpire in the ICC elite panel, and doesn’t have a hope to shove in one in the near future.

If someone needs to be held responsible for this letdown, it is none other than the BCCI, but who is busy counting the coins and setting up that one off ODI to be played against Ireland at the top of Mount Everest, to which sponsors are interested in!

If I have learned cricket the right way, it is a game invented for batsmen and bowlers, and not for the umpires who are out there in the middle.


November 20, 2007 - Posted by | Cricket, Sports

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  1. Even I felt bad with decision, Why cant such umpires use technology before giving decisions?

    There should be rule to revert the decisions on such cases, if its very clear like in this case!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Rajesh D | November 23, 2007 | Reply

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