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High-Profile Case; Witness Summoned!

Witness Summoned! You know whom?

It’s none other than the Honorable Gentleman; the God himself, he has been muddled into a high profile case, questioning whether he has ever existed or in existence now. The central government filed an affidavit in Supreme Court questioning the authenticity of the mythological text Ramayana or other characters described in it. Here is the link to the column .


Wednesday’s affidavit filed jointly by Central government, ASI, and other government agencies virtually puts a question mark against authenticity of the epic called Ramayana and even questions whether the incidents mentioned in it including the battle between Lord Ram and Ravana ever took place.

And ….. Whether Lord Ram ever existed!

In a string of superfluous deeds carried out by Indian Governments in its last six decades, adds another feather to its cap, with the case mentioned above!

I suppose their actual purpose is to mull over the bridge-like-formation, whether it is man-made or not. I seriously don’t have a clue, why on earth they file an affidavit questioning the existence of Ram. Its better they could have restricted their discussion to the bridge than touching upon sensitive topics such as the existence of Ram and others in Ramayana.

Why, the central government with its own reckless attitude jumps way ahead in the context and puts a question mark on the authenticity of the religion? They could have talked lengths and breadths on the bridge’s formation rather than tabling Ramayana under suspicion.

On the other side, I genuinely wish, any scientists from any nation could they prove the main characters of any other religion ever existed on earth? [Ruchir has an interesting take on the subject here] .

Congress, holding its flag of pseudo-secularism in India upright for ages, has hardly done justice when it comes to secular interests of the country. It’s an irony, given that India a homeland of Hindus, its own government appeals in court questioning its religion and the God.

I seriously doubt, whether the same would hold true of Central Government, if the religion in question is other than Hinduism. Then our very own people, who had questioned the existence of Ram, would bend on their knees apologizing to minority people.

After all having clung on to atheism as its ideology all these years, the Tamil Nadu government would not waste this golden opportunity to demolish the structure, which is considered a world heritage. After having suggested six alternate routes for navigation of ships bypassing Ram-Sethu, the government is hell-bent on demolishing the structure. This, at best explains the political wield behind it rather than finding a resolution for it.


September 13, 2007 - Posted by | Issues, Politics, Religion/Spiritual

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