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Who is an outright speaker than Adam Levine?

If you thought with the subject line, I am throwing up a trivia, not really.  The answer would be none better than him. Adam Levine rolling up his sleeves, informed world about the performance of his former lover in bed, or rather her indoor skills as Telegraph quotes here.

The former lover in this context is Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova. She was quoted, to have been laying like a dead frog in bed and asked her boyfriend to shut mouth too, as it ruined her concentration!

Adam Levine, the vocalist and guitarist, of the album Maroon 5, is one of my favorite who’d done She will be Loved and Harder to Breathe. But, never know the jerk he is, disgracing relationships and who would go on record quoting a point or two in air!


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Oh atleast I made it now !

Happy Independence Day, India !

Wishing all the best for your future endeavors!

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Was almost knocking the doors !

Riding back home from office around 0100 IST, at a flash of the moment it happened. what I thought would be the final couple of seconds in my life, I closed my eyes and  almost thought my number was up !

The car whizzed past me, the speed what I believed would have surely clocked three figures, left all my focus falling into pieces … there I had my leg trembling on bike gears, thought I would stop for a while, but rather carried on to see off this dreadful ride quicker !

Gifted I am, to write this blog now !

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Thrice Abandoned

Baby Krithika

A 13-day old baby, suspected to have contracted HIV disease has been passed hands thrice so far.

Amidst concerns, the fact remains she is vulnerable to HIV and has not quite caught one. Now, a final test for confirmation has been planned.

Hope at least the fourth place turns out safe shelter to her.

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