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Life time free credit card…. finds innovative ways to reduce your lifetime!!!

A stare at the piece of crappy code I’ve written, and lose myself in thought how to make it over and send across for testing, would mostly be the bustle of my day. Walking through the action, it’s unfair if I ignore the dozen of regular callers who dial every day with the sole intent of gunning my patience down.

Caller:   Sir, First of all, Congratulations, you are the winner of our lucky draw!

Our firm is proud to announce you as the winner! [Grave]

Me:        [With the history of 0.0001% of winning any contests since childhood, its natural I get excited with an announcement like this]

Thanks a lot! May I know how much cash I have won!

Caller:        Sir, it’s not cash, but a prestigious credit card that we issue to select few!

If you don’t mind, I would send my Exec to your Office by afternoon!

I don’t have to elaborate more, as you all walk through the torment everyday at least half a dozen times.

At times, I prolong the conversation asking whether it is free if I walk up to the nearby mall and shop items worth 10 or 20K. Now, he would settle in teaching you, what the free buzz is about and that they exempt you the annual charge of Rs. 250 for holding the card and not actually the swiping you carry out at shops. Few, would even let me know I am too ignorant!

Thanks Prem for the links, in the outside world, people who face more than a frustrating phone call from these credit card sponsors!

One bank kidnapped an 18-year old boy who defaulted on a payment due by a week and was released after his father paid it through a cheque.

Worse, a man from Mumbai jumped out of a window after being humiliated by eunuchs, for not paying-up credit card debts, a strong tactic adopted by the bank. Inspired by the tactic, an Indian city followed the same path, as Municipal Authorities hired eunuchs to collect taxes. The Authority further said they are planning to send eunuchs to home to collect more taxes.

It has also caught the attention of police constables who have an additional income to feed their mouth. Dressed in plain clothes police threatens the card defaulters along with gang members.

To round off with a hilarious piece, one American Citizen got a credit card courier addressing him as “Dear Palestinian Bomber”.

Habbas was even more shocked when, on several occasions, he said he called an 800-number for JP Morgan Chase and spoke to operators in an effort to complain. Each time, he says the operators called up his information on a computer but apparently didn’t catch on. According to Habbas, “The operators always said, ‘Yes, Mr. Palestinian Bomber, how can we help you?’ “

The incident comes on the heels of last week’s announcement by Comcast that two customer service representatives in Chicago were fired after they changed a woman’s name to “Bitch Dog” on her bill. She had repeatedly complained about bad service.

I am seriously wondering how to shed off the allure to hold these plastic cards.


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