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Hurry up !! Find out Zimbabwe’s country code !!

Those, who are increasingly been pestered by their wives to take them out for a shopping free, seldom you should be worried about, if you happen to have a relative or two in Zimbabwe. Well, it is a dream place for every money conscious man to shop at …. And while you drop in there, don’t forget to get a glimpse of great Robert Mugabe [Zim’s President]!!

Widescreen HD TVs which could cost lakhs in India would be at your lap if you care to spend 15 Euros, and to add more delight to you…. with a hope you won’t have a second thought to buy a car for 30 Euros, which is otherwise 300 times higher in the rest of the world.

Just for fun, the Zimbabwe’s inflation has shot up to 20, 000%, a record of its sorts.

If you still don’t believe, have a look here.

Link via Prem.


July 18, 2007 - Posted by | Economics, Issues, Living

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