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Fedex Claims! Rafa shines!


Federer, at the key moment in the fifth set, won the game of his opponent’s serve and with that the championship, denying the muscular Spaniard his first grand slam title in Wimbledon.

Sunday afternoon, witnessed one of an incredible game in Grand Slam history, as Nadal almost went on to break Federer’s march towards the fifth straight crown. Nadal was outstanding winning three games in trot to move from 0-3 down to 3-3 level in the first set. It was a breath-taking set, where Federer met Nadal in a tie-breaker, only to elegantly hit the backhand shot and close out the set in his favor.

Both settled in, adding a tally, only on their own serves in the second and third set, second won by Nadal and third set, again fighting in a tie breaker. But the champion clinched the tie-breaker one more time to lead the sets 2-1.

Not losing out, Nadal staged a cameo in the third and fourth set leaving the spectators awestruck. It was purely a magic to see Nadal conquer four straight games breaking two of Federer’s serve and earning a set point, and didn’t let go the set he deserved.

Yes, Nadal in full steam, unbelievably squared level [2-2] to enter the fifth set and ultimately to the clash for championship with his contemporary, Federer.  But much to his disbelief, the champion Federer chipped in with his elegant crosscourt passes to break serve of Nadal for the first time since the first set and fought-off three break points to shut any chances of Nadal, a Victory. With 4-2 in the fifth set, Federer hit 3 straight aces (to his tally of 24-1 against Nadal), cruising to victory and clearly stamping his authority in this argument of who-over-who? Though, there were few unforced errors hit by both players, but Nadal’s at the crucial moment, cost him dear. While closing out the fourth set, Nadal reversed odds and entered the fifth set, but only to be squirmed in agony, as Federer rose like a hungry lion to have his share.

Yet, this was a rare threat to Federer’s legacy on grass where he has won over 50 matches in a row.

It wasn’t a Nadal win though, but clearly he gave Federer a run for his championship and conveyed there are tough times ahead in the upcoming grass court encounters too!


July 9, 2007 - Posted by | Tennis

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  1. A few points worth noticing though, and i think these points kind of define the Rafa challenge,

    1. Because of the consistent downpour over the fortnight and the cloudy conditions that the courts are exposed to the grass courts are a lot slower than what i used to be. This was a big plus for Rafa and effectively took away what was Fedex’s greatest advantage over the mercurial Spaniard.

    2. If you’d notice, the number of Aces that Fedex’s scored is 24 while Rafa could manage only 1. This sums up the serving quotient between the two players.

    3. The number of unforced errors that Fedex commited on yesterday’s match was much more than that by Rafa. This shows us how accurate Rafa’s volleying has been yesterday.

    But despite all these factors working against the Stylish Champ, the way he managed to break through and the authority that he stamped in the second last game by serving those three booming aces and the way he held his nerve in the end to work from three break points against him to winning the championship point with that monstrous smash was simply so very Federer, and it is these gusts of character which defines this Lord Of the Tennis Court. I hope Fedex goes on to beat every record that is there in Tennis and enthralls us with his brilliant game.

    Comment by Ganapathy | July 9, 2007 | Reply

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