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A Journal by Sara

SARA – Sevenified

On the spiritual note ……

This thought struck me when I was driving few days back…… as my favorite number is 7. Not because I was born on 7th, a Saturday. In spiritual context, the number 7 is attributed to the god VISHNU and also has strong connection to the day, Saturday. More interesting fact, I was named after this God.  This co-incidence had me do a bit of research over the issue and led to more startling revelations.

Continuing the magical note ….

I was named by an old woman who herself was named after the spouse of the same God and was born on 7th which again was a Saturday too [May 7, 1927], the year 1927 which has Saturday as its first day of the year. Now it starts gripping, the lady passed away on a Saturday too in the year 1997.

Add to it, my dad was born on 7th May too. The birth year of my mom is 1949 also has Saturday as its first day of the year much like the 1927 discussed above.

On the educational front …

Significant moments/milestones in my life also followed suit with the same magic. 7 had always been in light throughout the chapters of my life, few of the intriguing stats, the first important examination of my career, the Senior Secondary School Exam was in the academic year 1997, also had too many seven’s in my registration no. and at last I scored 377/500 which again is a percentage of 75. The journey continued on and could you guess what next? Yes, my Higher Secondary examination also had two seven’s in the registration number and of course, my mark was 1117 which had a majors aggregate of 97.37% and engineering cut off mark was 277.77. I completed my college course with 70.7% with most of the 64 papers, in the course curriculum, scores in 70’s.  With due apologies to a friend, of course, I still remember the road accident, in which me and my friend were victimized, while waiting on the platform for bus during the vacation of 7th semester  which confined me to the hospital  bed for 7 days.

On the assets front …

After the completion of college, from the start of the year 2004, I attended recruitment event of 6 companies, only to end up on losing side every time. The 7th one was successful and I worked there for 2.7 years. Decided to hop, I attended 6 company’s teleinterviews with few of them successful, but I rejected them for other reasons. I attempted one more, which I thought would be my last try and would be off the hunt for a while, but surprise the 7th company clicked. Of course, all this 7 attempts are in this year, 2007. Not to forget, my employee ID in both the companies carried the number 7. My bank account carries couple of 7’s and my credit card carried three 7’s. My PAN card carries a 7. My bike number starts with 7, of course I am not talking about the seven which is in TN-07 – Chennai Registration.

Although in life, seven wives or seven lakhs overdue amount or seven attempts for any important activity are not desirable, as seven intervenes frequently.

On the astrological front

Last year, I visited an astrologer who was peculiar in many a ways, was straight asking me the chapters of life I am curious to know about. The discussion then carried on for the next few hours where to my horror he was correct saying that I had a sister who died as an infant born in 1977, then on reaching a specific chapter, he requested me to visit a temple on every Saturday for the next 2 years, anyway which I was doing even before. Also, when I sought answers for my life expectancy, I was told my life would end on a 7th which would be a Saturday and the year also had a 7 to it. Now don’t get into the integrity of the facts presented by the astrologer/astrology, I added this piece of news for a mere relevance to 7.

Not mere the fetish of 7 …….

Looks… I am hooked to this number, but can’t stop comparing the striking similarities, as the number is also in sync with the notion of Saturday and God Vishnu. However, most striking, is the fact that I am born and brought up all these years (except for the absence of 2 years) in the place called Triplicane which is revered as one among the 64 Dhivya Dheshams [Sacred Places] of Vaishnavites [Worshippers of Vishnu]with the presence of Parthasarathi Temple built in 8th century.  Starting with the birth on 7th Saturday, seems to connect too many similarities on its way to the presaged death on 7th Saturday, although strongly not desired.

07-07-07 à the day tomorrow

For me, the dawn of tomorrow is not just marked by the allure 07-07-07 or its rare occurrence, but for the fascinating/worrying fact that the triple 7 would shake hands again with a


Ideally, I would like 7 be reserved to bring pleasant visuals in my living than being a poignant image in my mind. As there are few combos of them which had accompanied distasteful moments in my life earlier, I don’t know whether I should smile towards the east or towards the west, the day tomorrow.


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  1. un aaraaichiku oru alave illaya? anyways great finds da.. its both interesting and astonishing.. also nee evlo vettiya irundhirundhaa ivlo yoschirupa.. ;o)

    Comment by Shahul | July 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the findings machi.Guess what my birt date – 16(1+6 =7),birth month – 07,bike reg no 4345(4+3+4+5 =16 = 1+6 = 7),date i joined my comp – 02/08/2004 = 16 = 1+6 = 7.

    Comment by pradeep | July 9, 2007 | Reply

  3. if everything mentioned above remains true, then i would commend you for the effort.This is since, not everybody has the time and intention to introspect and that too with above level of detailing. Impressive read ! Liked it.. ,let me check the above number theory as to how it played on with my life and its significance ,if any..!! 🙂

    Comment by Vishwanath | November 15, 2007 | Reply

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