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Chumma Athirudhu la !!!


Everything set; I started my ride all the way up to a famous mall in Chennai to watch the premiere, Sivaji – The Boss; a movie which has been in limelight for almost 2 years. Engrossed in a witty conversation while seated for dinner with my buddies, interestingly, I turned aside to see couple of person carrying a heavy metal box and placed it nearby, which followed by a dozen more of its kind. Yes I could make hue. It is the rolls of the movie, the name engraved on the box and also stamped with various theatre names across the city. Protected by tight security, soon the rolls were kept safe in separate vehicles and flew past to the respective theatres for screening.

No doubt, the joining hands of Super Star Rajnikanth, the ace director Shankar and the musical supremo A R Rahman, has drawn the attention of public who ranks from masses to classes. Especially the film has set an avalanche of expectations among his ardent fans and made them go frenzy with each and every piece of news released on it. In fact, I am no rajni fan either, but I had my own reasons to find myself on the seat to watch this movie.

I would rather call rajni with his screen name Sivaji, reason explained later. I was awestruck, looking at the first scene of the movie, where Sivaji was dragged out of the police jeep with his face masked, to avoid upheaval of the huge populace gathered around. He was later locked inside a cell; and was enquired by the fellow prisoner for the reason of his conviction.

Now, the story winds back illustrating the amazing silk route that leads to the present trauma.Sivaji raised by his parents who live on the breadline, but still educated to a minimal level. He finds his way to study abroad through scholarship and later becomes a Software System Architect in America. Over years, he rakes in substantial money through his profession and decides to head back to India. He is keen to realize his dream project, to set up a world class university offering education at free of cost.

Being a new customer to the Indian way of system, he was taken to ride by the corrupt administrators and politicians heading various ministries. Quickly adapting to the system, he decides only way ever to get things done is bribing them. Due to vengeance and hatred of villain, he was still crushed with iron hands and almost runs bankrupt. Being brought back to the drawing board, he sets up interesting plan to run the politician/administrators down and revive his dream project.

From then on, the horse sets off a ride of its own kind and what follow in is truly the visuals to be cherished.Recent movies in the industry which holds a penchant for society-based themes, adds another feather to its cap with Sivaji.

However, Sivaji probes a little further bringing on screen the affairs of Black Economy and Money Laundering. Shankar, the director, argues the money which is kept behind the curtains is a treasure in disguise and goes on figuring out a statistics, as much as 20 Lakh Crores in the coffins. Asserts, this whole money when laundered in an alternate fashion could serve real purpose in economic reforms and human development.

In a perspective, it is indeed commendable, that the director tries to explain basic concepts of black economics in a simple way; comprehensible by our large rural audiences. After all, most of the rural inhabitants of our nation are highly receptive, if anything told in the guise of cinema. It is well known fact that, the ace director’s exclusive skills in handling the complex and versatile issues of the society in rather a simple set of motion, is laudable on most accounts.

Movie acquires face lift, unlike the earlier ones, with effective use of modern technology and equipments in the daily walks of the casts. This time around in our movies, more sense prevails, when one uses hi-tech gadgets and computers having high order of relevance following suit with the story.

Ever to mention about visual appeal of songs, all the numbers in Sivaji are above par excellence. ‘Adhiradi’ song is spectacular and colorful treat to the eyes which could easily find its way to be one among the best of song visuals in Indian cinema ever. Rahman’s background music is still ringing loud in my ears and has done one great composition for this movie.Masterful cinematography and rich visuals is the icing in the cake.

Especially, the second part of movie has spectacular and eye-catching actions which would get the fans run gaga over their hero. If you are expecting a Rajni of Baba days to show his face yet another time on a movie, you would be caught completely wrong, as I was a few hours ago. The charisma and the magnetism Rajni exhibits on the second-half would allure even those cynical about him. If you have ever rated Rajni by his low-to-average movies like Baasha, Padayappa etc, be prepared to watch a Rajni movie which arguably competes with the best of Indian Movies with a sheen in quality too rather than the heavily favored quantities.

If you are a local resident or a Rajni lover and have better IQ over Kollywood, you are in for a two dozen stuffs of amusement in the theatres. The first half of movie runs with lighter mood and sharp witty comedies of Vivek would burst you into laughter often many times inside a minute. The second half is a racy thriller and churns out a different Rajni you have ever seen before.

Shankar is very clever and used Rajni to near de perfecto and knows the better art of reaching audiences. If you are die hard Rajni fan, then you would attain salvation by end of the movie. Just imagine Rajni with his head shaved and bearded full walks across the podium and introduces himself as the MGR to a large gathering of masses. Believe me, it was neither a wit nor a scene of lighter vein, but a very serious part of the movie.

I could already imagine how the gala would be the first day when it strikes the floors and I pity the guards and other securities of cinema theatres who would have a terrible day at office for the next few days!

I also believe a couple of scenes where Rajni gets brutally hit, for worse, a scene where the villain hits Rajni’s face with his legs. If that are not to be removed from the rolls, I seriously doubt whether the movie operator would have one to run the next show.

Enough is Enough! As I had seen this movie even before the first day, for fun, I thought I can write a review before the professional reviewers of websites put one up, after watching it at the comfort of company’s expenditure. The time is almost 4 o clock. Seriously falling out of the chair. Where is my bedddd ??????


June 15, 2007 - Posted by | Cinemas


  1. Great review machan.. Loved every bit of it..

    Comment by Shahul | June 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. athuruthu machi!! Saw the film at local theatre here and was missing the sound effects bullocks what kind of movie these guys own, no DTS. Wod have been awful if watched in chennai theatres with Rajini audience, floor full of dance and roomin background sounds, chennai theatres are far far better than UK.

    Comment by Basha | June 17, 2007 | Reply

  3. well written one.. !!

    Comment by Vishwa | June 18, 2007 | Reply

  4. good one !!!!

    Comment by Pawan | June 19, 2007 | Reply

  5. Looks like rajni’s die hard fan review.Good one da prabu.
    Yes, its a pakka masala movie with a vaccum .i.e. the story line. Shankar u missed to tell us the story.Sorry!
    Yes i didnt see in Devi nor satyam, if i did i would have added one line comment saying “Thats a great review” but i saw it in singapore where there is no

    fanfares, no poster,no pallabhisegam,no fights, no riots, no black tickets but ‘Sivaji the boss’.
    A movie can be reviewed like how prabu has done or see from a common perspective of a movie critic. Am not a great Rajni fan. But recently i started watching

    lots of movie interms of directors perspective…Sivaji is surely Rajni’s portryal of his popularity not an message from a usual shankar movie.
    This could be one of poor delivery from shankar after ‘Jeans’. I saw this movie twice here in different theatres, just to see i get a better feel. This is

    just not happening. I expected the mass representaion of sivaji’s. It was there now and then.
    What is the bottomline of the movie, sivaji wants to eradicate Black money.Alright! On a cummulative note how many dialogues or instance were related to

    that. Hardly i can remember 2 instance ,1. he stands in terrace of vivek’s friend house and says “Rich is getting richer and poor is getting is poorer” and

    plans something funny.Not a problem. Then 2.First meeting of all auditors,drivers(that is the most rediculous employee/relation one could bring).
    Just think, how many instance were shown in ‘Anniyan’ to support the story line and in ‘Indian’ another good movie of shankar, he had number of instance to

    support that people are taking bribe across all cadets.In Indian all the characters were closing inter-connected, father being a freedom fighter wants this

    nation to be bribe free and his son happens to be a govt official who takes bribe and he tries to kill him. In sivaji, first half shankar was never

    interested to convey anything about money laundering but Vivek’s witty timings with current trend of dialogues and the actress for god’s sake,,,she has done

    a wonderful job to her body……and nayantara yes baby u have become slim…..’I Agree’…..i think shankar choreographed first song and rajni for nuts

    cannot dance.I would prefer that song to be “The song where he becomes millionaire” just to avoid him dancing.That was the best song of the movie with a

    lengendary piece of work from ‘SPB’.Hats off!.
    Why the hell did shankar bring pattimandram Raja into sivaji.How can he be rajni’s father-in-law.Am not saying rajni is elder or of same age in reality with

    raja but that role has to be played by a respectable actor who knows acting and not a good tamil speaking guy and has to be like a father in law like

    Vijayakumar or some tall fat guy.And Solomon papayya…my goodness u didnt a brilliant performance but just to remind u …we are in a serious note which is

    pulling downthe nation financial position.To add to that there were lots of comedy scenes….what is popayya doing with raja? just because they appear in

    festive tv shows we cannot pair them in a mega-movie like this.

    I see Sivaji as a movie which should have strong story line and not timepass. And thats how the movie begins Comeon man rajni could be next CM if he comes to

    politics and he cannot be running behind a girl and changing your color for a very long time.Its just an 3 hrs movie.

    FROM PRABU’S REVIEW -“looking at the first scene of the movie, where Sivaji was dragged out of the police jeep with his face masked, to avoid upheaval of the

    huge populace gathered around”(Man, ur english is better than mine , so am copying ur line, dont sue me).SO that’s a serious movie and all characters in

    the movie shouldnt be fooling around.Vivek is playing comedy.Agree.And Rajni himself can do wonderful comedy.And what was Kanal kannan doing in that

    fight.And what is that ‘Office room’ logic that was very funny.

    And for God’s sake why was that ‘Poosari’ character…see in that he was dragging the story with shreya.And how can someone invite a person who told that

    their marriage should nt happen. Villian role is supposed to be one of the most important characters of the movie like ‘Antony in Basha’. Why are the

    villians very soft these days. Man, you gotto be ferocious and aggressive in a fast paced movie like this.
    Mottai Boss was a best part of the movie and thats rajni for you.
    Highlight of the movie- Wonderful job my K.V.Anand and totta tharani and ofcourse Rahman.
    Man, shankar you have screwed up the movie by forgetting what you actually wanted to convey in the movie.I dont think you have justified what you wanted to .
    See thats the vaccum am talking about.
    And thats the maximum Rajni can give to a die hard fan.I wonder he can give a better performance in his life after sivaji.

    Review is always a result vs expectation. My expectations were high on the movie. After few years, this sivaji wont stand tall like we talk about

    Thalapathi,Indian.If u see ‘Basha’ now you would laugh at the movie as the backdrop and sequence in first half sucks big time. Likewise about sivaji.
    You cannot make 80cr movie for nut cracking.It should be big and bigger as days go on.

    Comment by Yusuf Rizwan | July 9, 2007 | Reply

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