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Benetton – Campaign on Domestic Violence

United Colors Of Benetton – a famous Clothing giant, notoriously known for their Institutional Campaigns, have rolled out a series of images highlighted as Domestic Violence Campaign.  Benetton’s advertising draws public attention to universal themes like racial integration, the protection of the environment, Aids etc….

UCB founders quoted on their perception of advertisements …….Luciano Benetton : “The purpose of advertising is not to sell more. It’s to do with institutional publicity, whose aim is to communicate the company’s values (…) We need to convey a single strong image, which can be shared anywhere in the world.

Oliviero Toscani pursues this : “I am not here to sell pullovers, but to promote an image”It was also claimed to be a hoax where Benetton involves any involvement in this DV image…..Whatever the picture is really shot well.


If you could notice, the colour of bruises matches the sweater’s. Definitely, an interesting image…. and now what are your comments on this ?

Over a little surfing on the net, keeping in mind their notoriety, I got this piece of news for you. Given, a country like India and a company like Benetton, you don’t know how many NGOs would be beating drums, if Benetton has any plan of its kind in Indian roads.Who knows..May be you can spot a notorious Benetton in Chennai roads anytime sooner !!!


May 30, 2007 - Posted by | Advertisements, Issues, Living, Modern Trendss

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  1. This ad campaign is not sanctioned by Benetton. I spoke with the PR person for Benetton in the US and you can read what she had to say here.

    Comment by Jill | June 1, 2007 | Reply

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